We will be reopening for patient care at all locations on Monday July 13, 2020.
We have enacted enhanced safety standards to help mitigate the risk of exposure in one of our clinics. These include: limiting number of patients in our waiting room, asking screening questions about travel to impacted Covid-19 hot zones, utilizing appropriate PPE including masks and gloves, following CDC guidelines on hand washing and social distancing, and disinfecting all treatment areas both before and after patient interaction.
We also have the capability for telehealth evaluations for follow up visits for existing patients.
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Auto Accident Whiplash Chiropractor Baltimore County, MD

Auto Accident Whiplash Chiropractor Baltimore County, MDAuto Accident Whiplash Chiropractor Baltimore County, MD

Reasons To Consider a Referral to a Chiropractor


One question that many people have before going to see an auto accident whiplash chiropractor in Baltimore County, MD is whether or not they need a referral. The short answer is no; you can choose to schedule a visit to a chiropractic office any time you want to, and the chiropractor will see you even if you do not have a referral from your doctor.

However, a referral from your primary care physician may be a good idea. Here are some reasons why.

1. Without a Referral, Insurance May Not Pay

While it is entirely possible to make and keep an appointment with a auto accident whiplash chiropractor in Baltimore County, MD without a referral, your insurance company may require one before it will foot the bill for your visit. This is something you should be sure to check with your insurance company before you decide to make an appointment.

2. You Want To Receive the Right Treatment

Just as medical doctors can specialize in particular fields, different chiropractors can take different approaches to adjustment and treatment. You want to find a auto accident whiplash chiropractor in Baltimore County, MD whose approach will be appropriate for the type of problem you are experiencing. However, this can be difficult since named chiropractic methods number over 100. Your doctor may be able to recommend a chiropractor known to practice a method that can address your particular issue.

3. You Want a Trustworthy Chiropractor

It is very important that the auto accident whiplash chiropractor in Baltimore County, MD you see be properly educated, licensed, and reputable. You can check the credentials of chiropractors that you might be interested in yourself, but it may be more efficient to ask your doctor to recommend someone that he or she finds effective and trustworthy. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of candidates, you can perform your due diligence and research the credentials of each on your own.

In the past, physicians used to regard chiropractors with suspicion. This prejudice still lingers in some areas of the medical community, although it has started to lift in recent years. For this reason, a referral to a chiropractor from a medical doctor should be a very clear indication that the auto accident whiplash chiropractor in Baltimore County, MD is qualified and effective.

4. You Are Not Sure Whether Chiropractic Will Help

Chiropractic treatment is effective for many types of pain, particularly spine and musculoskeletal complaints. However, chiropractic cannot remedy every condition, and chiropractor’s claims to the contrary should be regarded with skepticism. If you are not sure that chiropractic would be beneficial for your condition, you should ask your doctor’s opinion.

Regardless of whether or not you receive a referral to our office from your doctor, we will be happy to listen to you and answer the questions you have about chiropractic. Contact the auto accident whiplash chiropractor in Baltimore County, MD from Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab for more information.