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Chiropractic Adjustments – The Basics

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If you have been suffering from chronic back pain, have recently been injured as a result of trauma, or have otherwise been struggling as a result of mobility or functionality challenges, you may have heard that visiting with a chiropractor PG County, MD patients trust could help you to achieve an improved quality of life. Depending upon the nature of the physical challenges that you’re facing, you may benefit from scheduling some chiropractic adjustments with the experienced medical team at Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic.

Understand that chiropractic adjustments are not the best option for all patients. However, many patients find great relief after experiencing either a single or multiple adjustments over time. During the adjustment process, a trained chiropractor will either use their hands or a chiropractic tool to apply controlled force to an affected joint, likely in your spine. Because of the primary focus of chiropractic medicine on spinal health, chiropractic adjustments are often referred to as spinal manipulation.


While a PG County, MD chiropractor at Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic can explain how you could potentially benefit from chiropractic adjustments uniquely, there are general reasons why most patients seek out this form of medical treatment. Just as massage can help the muscles of the body to become more functional and mobile, so can chiropractic adjustments help to improve the mobility and functionality of the body’s joints, including the body’s spinal joints. Improved functionality and mobility can lead to less pain, less inflammation, and a more active lifestyle as well.

Chronic pain patients, middle-age and older adults, athletes, individuals who suffer from certain chronic medical conditions, infants who have spent so much time curled in the womb, trauma victims, and those recovering from surgery can all benefit from chiropractic adjustments. Depending on your circumstances, you may benefit from such realignment even if none of these descriptors applies to your situation. You may also particularly benefit from chiropractic adjustments if you have frequent headaches, jaw aches, and/or neck aches, as spinal health affects the wellbeing, mobility, and function of the head, jaw, and neck as well.


It isn’t possible to say whether your condition will be vastly improved by a single adjustment or not until your medical history, symptoms, and physical exam have illuminated important information about your health status. With that said, there are certainly patients who have found significant relief after a single adjustment. While most patients benefit from several adjustments made over time, a single adjustment may be all that you need in order to move forward.


While some patients may only need one or a couple of chiropractic sessions, many patients find that they need several sessions throughout a given time period and may even require ongoing treatments to mitigate injuries or health conditions. Most types of injuries and pains typically require between four and 12 sessions for best results. A common regimen might be: 

  • Weeks 1 and 2: 3-4 chiropractic sessions each week
  • Weeks 3 to 10: 2-3 adjustments per week 
  • Ongoing treatment, once every two weeks for optimal maintenance 

This is just an example and may vary for each patient. Some patients might require more frequent sessions while other patients might only require a single session per month. 


Although 10 or more sessions to treat back pain or injuries might sound like a lot of appointments, the truth is that each chiropractic session typically lasts only around 10 minutes. However, your first session might take half an hour or more due to filling out paperwork, the doctor asking questions such as your family’s health history and formulating a specialized treatment plan. Many patients find after they establish a rhythm and routine with their chiropractor, sessions might only last five minutes. 


Your first chiropractic session, if done right, shouldn’t cause you any pain. However, if you’re already in pain upon entering the office, some discomfort might occur as your physician is treating the damaged or hurt area. You should always tell your chiropractor that you’re in pain before entering the session. Your chiropractor might recommend you wait until swelling or inflammation subsides before beginning treatments. Regardless, most patients will only experience very slight discomfort when their chiropractor realign their joints or spine. 


Ideally, everyone would receive chiropractic care before they start experiencing pain. Having regular adjustments throughout your lifetime can help prevent serious injuries and even combat conditions like arthritis. However, not all patients decide to incorporate chiropractic care into their regular routine. Thus, the second best time to see a chiropractor is as soon as possible after experiencing pain or injuries. Chiropractic care can prevent further injuries after a neck, spine, or back injury and can even eliminate the need for surgery or other treatments. Symptoms that might indicate you need chiropractic care include: 

  • Frequent headaches 
  • A reduction in overall flexibility 
  • You recently got into an accident 
  • You have tingling in your legs which might indicate a pinched nerve
  • Joint and muscle pain 
  • Uneven wear in your shoes, which may indicate the spine is misaligned

Both highly active and people who find themselves sitting behind a desk for long hours can benefit from chiropractic care. If you find yourself experiencing any pain or discomfort in your back, neck, or spine then visiting a chiropractor will out least rule out serious issues. 


Understand that the experienced Maryland medical team at Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic will treat you with the respect and personalized consideration that you deserve, should you choose to work with an experienced PG County, MD chiropractor at our office. We will not treat your chiropractic adjustments as a standalone treatment. We will do everything we can to integrate your chiropractic adjustments into your broader wellness needs and goals.


If you’re suffering from chronic pain, you may want to see a chiropractor in PG County, MD from Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic. Dealing with pain all the time can definitely make your life more difficult. A chiropractor can help you finally get relief.

Regular chiropractic adjustments can improve many conditions, from neck pain to back pain. However, in order to get the most out of your sessions, you must do the right things after each adjustment.

Eat a nutritious diet. It is always a good idea to nourish your body with healthy food. It’s especially important after a chiropractic adjustment. Nutritious foods can help you recover from an adjustment faster and reduce soreness. Fill your diet with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins.

  • Drink water. During an adjustment, a chiropractor manipulates your joints and muscles, which releases toxins from the body. Drinking water will help flush these toxins out of your body faster, so you will feel better. If you get dehydrated from not drinking enough water, you may experience headaches, fatigue and muscle weakness.
  • Avoid sitting too long. Although it is wise to take it easy after a chiropractic adjustment, you should not sit for long periods of time. Moving around will help keep your spine in proper alignment. If you sit at a desk all day for work, make a point to get up every hour to walk around.
  • Stay away from strenuous exercises. It is important to move your body after a chiropractic adjustment, but you should not do anything too strenuous, like weight lifting. If you perform vigorous exercises too soon, you may compromise your alignment.
  • Change your sleeping position. If you currently sleep on your stomach, it can negatively affect spinal alignment. From now on, sleep on your back. 
  • Improve your posture. Your chiropractor in PG County, MD may advise you to pay attention to your posture. If you slouch when sitting down, it can eventually take its toll on your neck and back. Remember to always sit up straight with your shoulders pulled back.
  • Do your exercises. Your chiropractor may instruct you to perform various exercises every week to strengthen the affected area. These exercises might feel uncomfortable at first, but it is important to do them. Performing these exercises will help you heal faster. 

5 Reasons to Consider Chiropractic Treatment

Seeing an experienced chiropractor PG county, MD relies on for treatment can be beneficial in many ways. At Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic we have helped many people like you improve their health, pain issues, quality of life, and more. There are multiple reasons that people seek chiropractic treatment including aches and pains, nerve pain, alignment issues, stress injuries, accident injuries, and more. Whatever your pains or health issues you’re facing we can likely help you heal and feel better so that you can get back to living your life. Give us a call today schedule an initial consultation to discuss your health concerns, ask questions, and be evaluated.

  1. Relieve Pain
    One of the pain reasons that people seek treatment from a PG County chiropractor is for pain relief. Chiropractors have various methods of treatment for relieving many types of pain. Your chiropractor will seek to find the issue that is the root cause of the pain and treat you accordingly in order to relive your body of pain. Living with pain can be debilitating and having some relief could have a major impact on your life.
  2. Avoid Invasive Treatments
    In many cases, there may be alternative treatments or procedures differing from chiropractic care that may be suggested to you for treating your condition or pain issues. Often times these procedures are invasive, require healing and recovery, and could have a harmful impact on your body in the long run. Before making any decisions on invasive treatments you may want to consider speaking with one of our chiropractors about your options and alternative treatments that may be beneficial for you.
  3. Improve Quality of Life
    It is hard to enjoy life when you are suffering from pain or other health issues. Receiving care from a PG County chiropractor may help you improve your quality of life by allowing you to be able to return to your hobbies and enjoy life with less or no pain. Even doing everyday tasks and activities can be difficult when you’re struggling with a health issue, but we may be able to help you restore your quality of life and live to your fullest.
  4. Restore Mobility
    Another common reason to see a chiropractor is for muscle, joint, and body alignment issues and pain. Suffering from any of these will typically decrease your body’s mobility and limit what activities you can participate in and dictate how much you can do physically. Restoring your mobility and movement may have a huge impact on your life in every aspect and allow you to return to the activities that bring you joy.
  5. Natural Healing
    Chiropractic treatment typically will not include medications and leans towards a more natural healing approach. The chiropractic approach seeks to treat the underlying issues rather than medicate symptoms. Because of this, you’re less likely to have negative side effects and can assist the body with its own healing. If you prefer a more natural approach, you may want to consider chiropractic care.


Chiropractor can treat a wide range of ailments, from neck pain to backaches, with non-invasive methods. If you’re dealing with chronic pain, your family physician may have suggested for you to see a chiropractor. However, you may have heard certain things about chiropractic care that are making you reluctant to see a chiropractor.

Here are some common misconceptions that you shouldn’t believe about chiropractic care.

  • Chiropractic adjustments are painful. Many people avoid seeing a chiropractor because they assume adjustments hurt. Although these adjustments can cause popping and cracking sounds, they don’t indicate pain. Adjustments are designed to relieve pain, not cause it. You may feel a little sore after an adjustment, but the relief you experience afterward is worth it.
  • Chiropractic care is just for back pain. It’s true that many people seek chiropractic care for back pain. However, this isn’t the only ailment that chiropractors treat. Chiropractors can treat a wide range of conditions, including neck pain, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, pregnancy-related pain and joint pain.
  • Children can’t see chiropractors. This is another common misconception about chiropractic care. Many people assume that only adults can see chiropractors. However, chiropractors are trained to perform adjustments on people of all ages, even babies. Chiropractic care can help children improve sleep, strengthen their immune system, improve their spinal posture and relieve digestive issues.
  • Chiropractic care is too expensive. Another reason why some people shy away from chiropractic care is because they assume they can’t afford it. However, chiropractic care is actually very affordable when compared to other medical treatments, like surgery. Additionally, many health insurance companies are recognizing the benefits of chiropractic care and covering it in their plans.
  • Chiropractic adjustments are dangerous. Some people fear that getting chiropractic adjustments is not safe. However, as long as they are performed by a licensed and trained chiropractor, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Chiropractic adjustments certainly have fewer risks than surgery and prescription medications.
  • Once you start seeing a chiropractor, you can’t stop. This isn’t true either. How long you see a chiropractor will depend on the severity of your condition. For example, if you have minor neck pain from poor posture, you may only have to see a chiropractor for several sessions. On the other hand, if you have chronic back pain from an injury, you may be in treatment longer.


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