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Chiropractor Annapolis, MD

Chiropractor Annapolis, MD Chiropractor Annapolis, MD 

One of the most painful back issues that Maryland residents suffer from are herniated discs. Also referred to as a slipped disc, this condition can cause pain in both a patient’s lower back and/or their legs. If you are suffering from a herniated disc, a chiropractor Annapolis, MD trusts can help.


What Are Herniated Discs?


In between the vertebrae are soft and rubbery discs which act as a cushion between the spaces of each vertebra. The discs are made up of a jelly-like substance in the inside and surrounded by a tough substance on the outside. These discs are there to protect the spine and act as shock absorbers whenever a person walks, runs, bends, twists, or jumps. Any kind of tear to the outer layer of the disc can cause the soft inside to protrude out, thus causing the herniation.


When the herniation of the disc is a minor one, a patient may not even have any noticeable symptoms. But when the herniation is larger, the disc ends up pressing against nerves that are located in the spine and this is what causes all the pain and other symptoms.


As an Annapolis, MD chiropractor can explain, there are many reasons why herniated discs occur. Sometimes it is a result of a fall or injury, but in many cases, the herniated disc is caused by wear and tear to the disc that is just a natural part of the aging process. As we get older, the discs become flatter, stiffer, and more susceptible to tearing. Gender may also be a factor in whether a person develops a slipped disc. Studies have shown that men, especially those between the ages of 20 through 50, are more prone to the condition.


Some of the other issues that can increase the risk of a person suffering from a herniated disc are:


  •       Being overweight or obese
  •       Engaging in hours-long driving on a regular basis
  •       Engaging in work or activities that are physically demanding
  •       Lifting with back muscles instead of leg muscles
  •       Not exercising enough
  •       Smoking


Herniated Disc Symptoms


How does a patient distinguish whether or not that pain in their back is just from doing too much activity or if it is a sign of a herniated disc? Depending on where the slipped disc is located, there are usually other symptoms that signal the serious condition.


When the herniated disc is located in the lower back – one of the most common locations – in addition to pain, the patient may also be suffering from numbness, tingling, and weakness in their back, legs, and feet. This is because the disc is pressing on the nerves running to the legs. Many patients complain of worsening symptoms when they have been sitting or standing for an extended period of time and they also often become worse at night.


The herniated disc can also be located in the neck area. Some of the more common symptoms in this situation include pain that runs to shoulders, arms, and hands. The patient often suffers numbness, tingling, and weakness in these areas, as well.


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