Chiropractor Adjustments Glen Burnie, Maryland

Chiropractor Adjustments Glen Burnie, Maryland

chiropractor Glen Burnie, MDChiropractor adjustments in Glen Burnie, Maryland are so strongly associated in the public consciousness with the cracking or popping sound that often accompanies it that most people think that is all there is to it. They don’t need to pay a chiropractor to crack their backs for them, they think. They can adjust themselves by cracking their own backs and save money.

However, what you do when you crack your back is very different than what happens during Glen Burnie, Maryland chiropractor adjustments, although they make the same sound. You can crack your own back, and it probably won’t do you any harm, but it won’t do you any good in the long run either. 

Furthermore, you should never allow someone who is not a trained and certified chiropractor Glen Burnie, MD offers to try to adjust your back for you. It may create a satisfactory popping sound, but it may also apply too much force and seriously injure your spinal cord, sometimes permanently.


What Happens When You Crack Your Back?

The cracking and popping noises that you hear when you crack your back are called crepitus. There are three possible explanations for why it occurs. It may be bones grinding together due to a loss of the protective cartilage between them due to degenerative joint disease. It may be cavitation, which occurs when gas bubbles in the synovial fluid that fills the joint pop. It may also be a tense tendon or ligament snapping as it pulls across a bone.

Whatever the reason for it, cracking your back often results in a release of pressure and a feeling of relief. However, this is only temporary. Cracking your back does nothing to correct the underlying problem that led to the buildup of pressure in the first place. Therefore, the tension can build up again, and you will have to keep cracking your back to release it, but this will give you no long-term relief.


What Happens During Glen Burnie, Maryland Chiropractor Adjustments

Chiropractic treatment seeks to break the cycle that causes pressure to build up in your back in the first place. An adjustment involves manual manipulation of the spine to put the vertebrae back in proper alignment. Over time, this can reduce pain and prevent the buildup of pressure. During the adjustment, popping or cracking may occur for the same reasons that it does when you crack your own back. However, this is incidental to realigning your vertebrae.

Ultimately, chiropractor adjustments Glen Burnie, Maryland patients recommend are not do-it-yourself propositions. However, one of our chiropractors would be happy to assess your condition and suggest a reasonable treatment plan. Schedule an appointment by contacting Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic today.