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Can a Chiropractor Help with My Herniated Disc?

Many people looking at treatment for a herniated disc look to non-surgical treatment options because of the recovery time and how much less invasive it is. Each chiropractor at Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic has helped treat many people with herniated discs and their resulting symptoms. Our goal is to get you the treatment you need for your unique situation and regain your quality of living. We have extensive experience helping people with herniated disc problems, and we are here to help get you through this painful period in your life too. Call our office today to set up your appointment with a Glen Burnie, MD chiropractor and start you on this healing journey.


What is a herniated disc?

Because there are many problems relating to your spine, it can often be confusing which problem you might have. This is why seeking the help of a Maryland chiropractor with extensive experience is so important. A herniated disc is when there is a problem with the disc (think of it as a cushion) between each individual bone (or vertebrae) in your spine. A herniated disc happens when that softer part of the disc is pushed out through a tear into the tougher exterior of the disc. Although the actual problem is in your spine, the pain can radiate into other areas of your body, such as your arm or leg.


Symptoms of a Herniated Disc

  • Numbness or tingling. The herniated disc can often cause numbness or tingling in the area of the body that is served by those affected nerves.
  • Weakness. The muscles in the surrounding area can easily start to weaken. When this happens, it can cause even more serious problems, like causing you to fall or even make it hard to lift and carry items.
  • Pain in your arms or legs. If the herniated disc is located in your lower back region, you will usually feel more pain concentrated in your buttocks, thigh, or even down to your calf area. Sometimes the pain can radiate down to your foot. On the contrary, if your herniated disc happened in your neck or upper back, you could experience serious pain in your arm and shoulder. Bodily functions like sneezing or coughing could worsen your pain in these situations.


Factors that increase your chances of a herniated disc

There are some factors that will increase your risk for a herniated disc. These are:

  • Genetics. You can inherit a higher likelihood of developing herniated discs.
  • Weight. If you have excess body weight, this can put stress on your discs, especially in your lower back.
  • Work. If your job is particularly physically demanding, you could be at risk for back problems.


How can the chiropractors at Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic help?

At your first visit, your chiropractor Glen Burnie, MD patients recommend will perform a physical exam and go through your medical history, confirming your herniated disc and devising the best treatment plan for you. You should never have to live with the pain from a herniated disc and because our chiropractors have over so much experience helping patients with herniated discs, we will be here to devise the best course of treatment for you. Don’t wait any longer to treat your pain. Call us today to set up an appointment.