Back Pain Doctor of Chiropractic Baltimore, MD

Back Pain Doctor of Chiropractic Baltimore, MD

back pain doctor Baltimore, MDAre you suffering from lower back pain? Lower back pain is a frequent complaint, particularly for those who sit for long periods of time. Many Americans work from a desk and are unable to move around much throughout the day. A back pain doctor of chiropractic in Baltimore, Maryland and other medical professionals have often urged those who sit for extended periods that they need to get up, stretch, and move around.

Recently, the American Medical Association (AMA) also publicly recognized this issue and is implementing ways to change this ongoing problem for sedentary employees. The AMA has recently urged employers to provide alternative arrangements for employees so that they will not suffer from the potential medical issues, including lower back pain, due to sitting.


America Is Becoming a Nation of Obese Sitters

Unfortunately, sitting for extended periods has led to many people becoming obese and having obesity-related health problems. A Baltimore, MD back pain doctor of chiropractic knows that too many of America’s citizens engage in activities that require sitting every day. Whether it’s working, watching television, eating, playing video games, browsing the internet, or driving, too many people spend too much time sitting down.

As a back pain doctor Baltimore, MD provides can explain, obese people file twice as many workers compensation claims as non-obese workers. This means higher medical bills and a greater likelihood of missing work. Considering the losses employers sustain when those issues come into play, it’s easy to see the benefits gained by employers who provide alternatives to sitting.


Tools That May Help Fight the Sitting Epidemic

Many new devices are being promoted that help to combat obesity and lower back pain by stopping people from sitting for extended periods. Phone apps can set your smartphone or device to sync with your work schedule. An app can be set to prompt you to take breaks from sitting throughout the day.

A treadmill desk is another useful tool. A treadmill desk is part of an employee’s workstation, and staffers can work while exercising on the treadmill. Other options to counter sitting and reduce the chances for lower back pain that a Baltimore, MD back pain doctor of chiropractic recommends include taking walks during meals and breaks and parking further from the door at work.

Furthermore, workstations, such as standing desks, can be set to elevate, so the user can work while standing up. It’s also helpful to alternate between many different positions during the day, rather than just standing. Standing can get tiring and may even put undue stress on the ankles, feet, back, and hips and back if it’s the only position you are in during the day. 

Here are a few other tips to get you up and moving more:

– Watch TV while standing or exercising

– Stand when you travel on an airplane

– Stand while you are snacking

– Stand while you are waiting in a doctor’s office or at the DMV

– Stand while talking or texting on the phone

– Stand on a balance board

– Stand on a foam mat, which challenges your balance, but also offers a more forgiving surface for your calves and feet


Get Help for Lower Back Pain

While all lower back pain may be unavoidable, you can reduce the likelihood of it by trying some of the above suggestions. If you are hit with a lower back issue, a back pain doctor of chiropractic Baltimore, MD patients trust can help. Be sure to call Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic for an appointment if you’re having back discomfort.