Back Pain Chiropractor Baltimore, MD

Back Pain Chiropractor Baltimore, MD

Back Pain Chiropractor Baltimore, MD

When you suffer from back pain, a back pain chiropractor in Baltimore, MD from Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic can help. You’re likely aware that back pain is a common health problem. However, you may not know that back pain is so prevalent that it is a leading cause of disability around the nation and the globe. Back pain is also one of the top reasons Americans miss work and why Maryland residents visit a back pain doctor Baltimore, MD trusts. Indeed, millions of people live with chronic back pain.


A range of underlying causes can lead to persistent back pain. In some cases, the problem is linked to degenerative disc disease, a condition of age-related wear and tear. Our Baltimore, MD back pain chiropractor sees patients with this painful condition daily and wants to help you understand how to spot the symptoms and signs of this degenerative disorder. With prompt and adequate treatment, you may be able to get the treatment you need to prevent degenerative disc disease from worsening or substantially impairing your life. 


Risk factors and common symptoms of degenerative disc disease


Degenerative disc disease is usually an age-related condition that many adults will develop if they lead a long life. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) studies reveal that most men and women past the age of 60 have some level of spinal degeneration.


However, a back pain chiropractor in Baltimore, MD knows you don’t have to be an aging adult to develop this issue. Intense and strenuous activities and injuries can impact the intervertebral spinal discs, causing instability that leads to early or more rapid degeneration. Indeed, sports and other high-impact activities can produce tears and bulges in discs, leading to pain, inflammation, and degeneration. Common symptoms of degenerative disc disease include:


► Continual, low-grade pain

The pain associated with degenerative disc disease is often described as a chronic, dull ache or constant, low-grade pain and pressure. Pain such as this can occur anywhere along the spine; however, it often tends to affect the lower back. 


► Episodes of intense pain

Degenerative disc pain flare-ups are typically characterized by sharp, burning, or stabbing pain. During these episodes, individuals may also experience numbness and tingling in their arms or legs, depending on the location of the affected disc.


► Muscle spasms and instability

Weak discs cause the spine to be less stable. Consequently, people with degenerative disc disease feel a “giving out” sensation. The back or neck may appear to lock up or feels unsupportive. This lack of stability can lead to painful muscle spasms around the affected disc.


A Baltimore, Maryland back pain chiropractor can provide natural, effective care for long-term relief


Degenerative disc disease isn’t really a disease and isn’t always progressive. With the right treatment approach, the condition of the discs can often be improved and symptoms relieved. At Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic, you can get a natural, comprehensive treatment approach that helps to increase blood flow and advance healing. Unlike many other tissues in the body, spinal discs receive a limited flow of blood. The influx of oxygen and nutrients that come along with increased blood flow may help injured discs repair themselves.


We can provide treatment to improve blood flow, rehydrate, and restore your damaged discs. To find out how to get long-lasting relief from disc-related pain, contact our back pain chiropractor Baltimore, MD trusts to schedule an appointment.