Car Accident Injury Treatment Glen Burnie, MD

Car Accident Injury Treatment – Glen Burnie, MD Car Accident Injury Treatment - Glen Burnie, MD

The field of physical therapy has become an integral part of the rehabilitation process for many people who have suffered injuries as a result of car accidents. In fact, over the past three plus decades, more and more medical professionals have referred patients to physical therapists as an important, recommended step to healing from car accident injuries, surgeries related to those injuries, etc. As a result, Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic has had the opportunity to work with numerous patients seeking car accident treatment in Glen Burnie, MD. Many of the folks that we see come to us in pain and are often scared. We have made it our professional mission to help each person find hope with a clear and effective individualized treatment plan. Regardless of the type of pain involved, we treat everyone the same- as people who deserve to be in charge of his or her own treatment plan. A plan that will lead to reduced pain whenever possible.


Person-first philosophy:


In order for an individual to have confidence in a Glen Burnie, MD car accident injury treatment care team and their treatment plan, he or she must feel supported and in control. In addition, our team respects the restrictions and limitations of each individual, not exclusively based on the medical reports but based on the opinions and feelings stated by the individual. 


The treatment plan:


Our team includes the individual from the first stage of the Glen Burnie, MD car accident injury treatment plan. During the consultation our professionals listen to the patient and work with him or her to create a treatment plan that the patient is comfortable with. Additionally, our team wishes to empower our patients with support and guidance along the way. While we understand the physical therapy process and typical progress for individuals with similar medical histories, we also respect that no two people are the same mentally, emotionally and physically. We are open to discuss any requests and concerns that may lead to Glen Burnie, MD car accident injury treatment plan modifications.


Contraindications and progression: 


Since physical therapy typically includes exercises designed to target that area of the body that was affected by the accident, it is imperative as health care professionals that your Glen Burnie, MD car accident injury treatment plan begins with safe interventions. As the individual gets stronger, the plan will likely progress to more involved movements and training techniques. 


Other diagnoses:


  1. It is worth noting that we also treat folks with chronic and acute pain caused by:
  2. Arthritis
  3. Soft-tissue sprains and strains
  4. Soft tissue damage due to dislocations
  5. Disc issues
  6. Neck and back pain
  7. Migraines
  8. Repetitive stress injuries
  9. Discomfort and physical fatigue due to aging


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