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Car Accident Whiplash Chiropractor Baltimore City, MD

Car Accident Whiplash Chiropractor Baltimore City, MDCar Accident Whiplash Chiropractor Baltimore City, MD

3 Common Auto Accident Injuries 


Dealing with an automobile accident is never easy, as a car accident whiplash chiropractor in Baltimore City, MD can attest. Whether you are a passenger or the driver, the at-fault driver or the innocent one, navigating the insurance claims process may seem impossible.


Accident injuries occur even when you don’t immediately feel them. While some injuries are easier to spot, others may lurk beneath the surface and crop up hours or days later. Accident injuries are common, and depending on the type of accident you get in, some can be devastating to your body and life. Discover three of the most common injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents so that you can spot the signs should it be warranted.


  1. Whiplash 

At the top of the list is whiplash. This neck injury can be brutal, especially since it often does not show up on current diagnostic tests. Whiplash is a result of a rear-end collision, as a car accident whiplash chiropractor in Baltimore City, MD can explain. The force of an impact to your back bumper can cause your head to jerk forward and then backward violently. The speed of the impact will play a large part in how severe the injury is. Whiplash may be felt immediately, but in some cases, the pain may not start until a few hours later. The muscles in the neck may ache, and you may lose range of motion. A trip to the doctor is warranted. While they may not be able to see whiplash, they can prescribe you medication or physical therapy to help ease the pain it causes.


  1. Brain Injury

Whether you hit your head or not, you may wind up suffering from a traumatic brain injury. It may seem odd that this can occur without your head impacting with something inside the car, but sometimes the brute force of the accident is enough to cause it. If the crash is especially violent, your head may snap back and forth or side to side quickly. When this happens, your brain may hit the sides of your skull, causing bruising. Sometimes the impact with the skull is so severe, the brain may start bleeding. In this case, you may find yourself with permanent damage should you not heed the warning signs which include:


  • Worsening headache
  • Nausea
  • Slurred speech
  • Fatigue


Getting your head checked out following an accident is one way to prevent any trauma from worsening.


  1. Back Strain 

The extensive network of muscles of the back are strong, but an accident may cause them damage. If the muscles get torn due to force or a direct hit with the seat or other parts of the car, the result can leave you with severe pain and debilitation. Visit a car accident whiplash chiropractor in Baltimore City, MD as soon as you feel back pain.


For more information, or to seek treatment, call a car accident whiplash chiropractor in Baltimore City, MD from Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab today.