Car Accident Whiplash Doctor Anne Arundel County, MD

Car Accident Whiplash Doctor Anne Arundel County, MD

Car Accident Whiplash Doctor Anne Arundel County, MDBeing in an Anne Arundel County Maryland car collision can be one of the scariest experiences any person can go through. One moment you may be cruising on the street listening to music in your car, and then the next you are waking up after being knocked out to a chaotic scene. Those who survive car accidents have to deal with financial, emotional, and physical damages afterwards. The types of injuries sustained during vehicle crashes include back pain, neck pain, whiplash, and joint issues. It is recommended that chiropractic care is a component of every treatment plan for those who were recently a part of serious car accidents. 

Of course, no one expects going out for their day and getting into a car accident. But, it is imperative that people get the medical care they need as soon as possible to prevent injuries from getting worse over the days and weeks afterwards. Call a car accident whiplash doctor in Anne Arundel County, MD for help.


Why a Chiropractor Is Needed

Many people may not realize that there are other treatment options available to them besides conventional medicine. Chiropractics is often preferred by car accident victims because the chiropractor addresses their musculoskeletal injuries in a way that traditional practitioners may not.

In fact, upon visiting their doctor for treatment, those who were in a car accident may just be handed a few prescriptions for muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories, and pain killers, and that’s it. An Anne Arundel County, MD car accident whiplash doctor delves deeper to figure out where the cause of the problem is brewing, and then can create a treatment plan that doesn’t just blanket the issue. 


What Chiropractors Do

Chiropractors can treat neck and back injuries, whiplash, soft tissue pain, joint discomfort, and so much more. Chiropractors commonly believe that the human body is one large intricate system, in which each area can impact the other. So, if your suffered whiplash after the car accident, then your shoulders, spine, and back may overcompensate in ways that make the injury much worse.

People who have been in car accidents tend to have muscle pain, stiffness, and other problems that impact their daily lives. They may not be able to function as they did prior to the accident due to the damage done to their body. Those who are experiencing intrusive symptoms after a car accident, may feel depressed, irritable, moody, and frustrated because of their injuries. 


Chiropractic Treatment Sessions

During your first appointment, an Anne Arundel County, MD car accident whiplash doctor may ask a series of questions and examine you, to ensure that treatments can benefit your injuries. Spinal manipulations are often used to correct misalignments of the spine and other joints in the body. This is when a chiropractor uses a tool or rapid thrust with their hands to push joints back into placement. While this may sound intense, it shouldn’t cause any pain. Ideally, people would feel immense relief after an adjustment since they body is no longer having to work harder in response to an injury. By correcting the misalignment, the rest of the body can go back to functioning with a sufficient flow of energy. 

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