Car Crash Treatment Glen Burnie, MD

Car Crash Treatment Glen Burnie, MD

Chiropractics: A Non-Invasive, Alternative Approach to Car Crash Treatment
car crash treatment Glen Burnie, MD

People may become interested in chiropractic care for car crash treatment in Glen Burnie, Maryland, especially if they are looking for an approach to wellness that does not involve surgery or prescription pain medication. With standard medical practices, a doctor may treat neck or back pain with hefty amounts of medication. Unfortunately, this may only be blanketing the true root of the problem. Those who are curious about chiropractors may have several questions about the treatments. Here in the article below, we have answered inquiries about what to expect during a Glen Burnie, MD crash treatment.


What Can Chiropractic Care Do for a Person?

Chiropractic care began over a century ago. It is based on the belief that in manipulating and realigning the spinal vertebrae, other parts of the body such as the nervous system, tendons, ligaments, muscles and other joints also realign. When the practitioner manipulates the body in such a way, many people find relief from a variety of chronic and acute disorders and pain. Studies have shown that a comprehensive chiropractic plan has proven to be more effective than pharmaceutical intervention for car crash treatment.


Acute Pain

If you have suffered an injury, you may feel relief after just one chiropractic adjustment. The basis of chiropractic care is that the systems of the body are all related and if one system is off the rest will follow. In adjusting the vertebrae in the spine, the other parts of the body will naturally go back into place as well. These adjustments can help alleviate pain from a recent injury and possibly promote faster healing.


Chronic Pain

Chronic pain may be the result of an active life of sports when you were younger, it could be from your current job or even from daily stressors. Many adults suffer from chronic pain, some may not even realize how much pain they are in until they feel relief. Seeking help from a chiropractor may just be the answer. Not only is it possible to feel immediate relief after the first adjustment, but you may be able to continue a pain free life by continuing with chiropractic car crash treatment in Glen Burnie, MD that works for you.


Common Ailments that Chiropractic Care CanTreat

When you first go to the chiropractor for car crash treatment, he or she will ask you questions about your physical well-being. This is to get an idea of where your body is holding tension. The practitioner is looking for the root of your discomfort so that the treatment plan can focus on the cause and address the issue rather than the symptoms. Common ailments that can be treated are neck and back pain, sciatica issues, headaches, ear aches, acid reflux, digestion, high blood pressure, discomfort associated with pregnancy, depression and anxiety.



Since the field of chiropractic care can be the doorway to holistic health, you may be inspired to look to a healthier you in other ways – perhaps you are interested in pursuing better nutrition and an exercise plan. Holistic health does not refer to just the physical pain one is experiencing, it also includes overall health and well-being.


Avoid Surgery and Medication

Anytime, a person goes in for surgery, there are numerous inherent risks involved. Even with the most common surgeries, there is no guarantee that your body will respond as hoped or planned. In addition to the invasive side of the procedure, there are risks with anesthesia during surgery and after. It is also routine for the patient to be prescribed heavy pharmaceuticals that can lead to horrible side effects and even addiction. The ultimate objective of chiropractic care and a comprehensive car crash treatment plan is to increase the body’s ability to heal itself while avoiding invasive procedures such as surgery and pharmaceutical interventions.


What happens during a chiropractic manipulation?

During chiropractic manipulations for car crash treatment, a physician usually uses a tool or their hands to perform adjustments to an area of the body. In most cases, a chiropractor focuses on the spine in order to help restore joint functioning, reduce inflammation and decrease the overall amount of pain. Adjustments are very controlled, and every session aims to meet the needs of that patient. It is fairly common for patients to experience some degree of improvement after only a single session.


How many sessions may a patient need before feeling better?

How soon a patient finds relief from their symptoms depends on the severity and type of injury sustained in the crash. For mild cases where a patient only needs a minor adjustment, one session may be all that is needed. For cases where a patient endured a terrible crash, it may take months of car crash treatment before the body is entirely healed.

Depending on what the patient went through, getting back to the state of health he or she was prior to an accident may not be possible. However, a Maryland chiropractor can talk with you about the incident which led to your injury and devise a plan to help you get to the place of health you imagine.


What if I hear a popping sound during an adjustment?

Popping sounds can be completely normal during an adjustment. Typically, this sound is gas being released between the joints. This is similar to what happens when you crack your knuckles. The noise may seem scary at first, but it is simply a change of pressure within your joints. A patient may only feel a small amount of discomfort, if any at all.


Is soreness and stiffness after an adjustment normal?

Yes, a minor amount of aching after a manipulation can be quite normal. These aches are likely due to your body being moved back into proper alignment, after being out of sync for some time. The soreness may feel similar to how you would feel after a really good workout.


What if I am nervous about a neck adjustment?

It is normal for patients to be apprehensive about a manipulation being done in their neck area, as this part of our body is incredibly important. Express these nerves with your chiropractor in Glen Burnie, MD so he or she can talk you through what to expect during an adjustment. You may find that a session turns out to be not as intimidating as you first imagined. Many patients may just need more information, in order to feel less anxiety about the car crash treatment.

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