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Anyone who does not suffer from chronic knee pain simply cannot understand how much this condition affects virtually all aspects of a patient’s life. From how often one can leave the house (and how far one can go) to quality of sleep, ability to relax, ease with which one can do “simple” tasks like cooking, cleaning, showering, exercising and interacting with small children, chronic knee pain tends to impact daily life on a daily basis.


But while chronic knee pain sufferers all share similar daily struggles (to varying degrees), not all chronic knee pain stems from the same life experiences. A number of different common causes result in chronic knee pain. The source of one’s pain may impact the kinds of treatment that will (and potentially will not) significantly benefit any individual patient. If a motor vehicle collision has created an injury or exacerbated a chronic knee pain situation, patients may benefit from seeking car injury treatment in Glen Burnie, Maryland. 


Common Sources of Chronic Knee Pain


Unlike temporary pain that subsides after a particular illness, injury or contributing factor has been resolved, chronic knee pain will flare regularly for an indefinite period of time. Even with significant treatment, chronic knee pain may plague an individual for years on end. Sometimes, chronic knee pain is attributable to a single point in time like a consequential car accident resulting in injury or the development of certain cancers. In such instances, knee pain sufferers can obtain car accident treatment in Glen Burnie, MD at Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic.


However, this condition also often evolves as the result of repeated stressors and does not necessarily result from a single, isolated cause. Among the most common causes of chronic knee pain are bursitis and osteoarthritis. Bursitis occurs when inflammation builds up in the knee. This inflammation may result from injury, overuse and/or some underlying medical conditions. Similarly, osteoarthritis stems from both inflammation and joint destruction. Generally speaking, this condition stems from deterioration of the joint over time. Traumatic scenarios, like motor vehicle accidents, can make chronic deterioration pain worse. This is partially why it may be beneficial for patients to seek car injury treatment in Glen Burnie, MD. 


In addition, both the ligaments and cartilage in the knee are prone to injury. Whether due to trauma (like an accident) or unintentional overextension (like an exercise injury), these injuries can be horribly painful. Even after the ligaments and/or cartilage itself has been repaired, chronic knee pain may remain as a factor in a person’s life well into the future.


Finally, a host of more specialized conditions may contribute to chronic knee pain. Some may be treated with relative ease once the cause has been identified. For example, if a cyst near the knee tissue is removed, it may relieve pressure on the knee immediately. Other causes, like systemic inflammation in the body caused by conditions like Lupus, may be harder to stem long-term.


Knee Pain Guidance Is Available


If you are suffering from traumatic and/or chronic knee pain, please consider scheduling a consultation with a chiropractor who has experience with car injury treatment in Glen Burnie, MD. You may need to embrace many different tools and approaches as you attempt to mitigate your chronic knee pain. But especially if you have tried other approaches and achieved few results, seeking experienced chiropractic care may help to ensure that your future is less painful. Every patient’s situation is different. But exploring chiropractic care may help in ways you may not expect.