Chiropractor Essex, MD

Chiropractor Essex, MD Chiropractor Essex, MD

Spending long hours sitting in poor postural alignment at a sedentary job, a lack of or limited exercise, improper nutrition, and many more circumstances in your everyday lifestyle can harm your body. Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic is a leader in the Maryland healthcare industry, known for promoting health by improving mobility and neurological function through spinal alignment, exercise, and adequate nutrition. Call our office today to meet with a dedicated Essex, MD chiropractor.


What Is a Chiropractor?


An Essex, MD chiropractor is a highly-educated and qualified medical professional who is committed to helping patients of all ages realize improved health and function. Many people these days are seeking a more natural approach to their health maintenance and care. Chiropractic treatments do not employ addictive drugs and invasive surgeries.


Chiropractic care typically focuses on the spine health and uses spinal alignment techniques, Chiropractors examine and evaluate a patient’s condition, then strive to achieve spinal alignment and joint function through carefully controlled and directed pressures on the bones and vertebrae. This aims to remove stress on the soft tissues and reduce interference with spinal nerves and the nervous system.


What Training Does an Essex, MD Chiropractor Have?


It’s a common misconception that chiropractic doctors (DCs) have less training or experience than medical doctors (MDs). While the focus of a doctor of chiropractic (DCs) is slightly different than that of a medical doctor, both undergo very similar training. Most DCs are highly educated in areas such as anatomy, physiology, and rehabilitation — even more so than most physical therapists or medical doctors.

In fact, the educational requirements for DCs are among the most rigorous of any of the health care professions. Before entering a chiropractic college, a student must complete four years of medical preparatory college education. Once accepted into a chiropractic college, a chiropractor-in-training studies for an additional four to five academic years to achieve his or her degree. Since chiropractic care is “hands on” in nature, using intricate adjustment techniques to manipulate the spine, a significant portion of a chiropractor’s post-graduate education is spent in clinical training.

Chiropractic professionals are licensed to practice in all US states, the District of Columbia, and many nations globally as well. Before they can establish a clinical practice, chiropractors must pass national board examinations and become licensed in their particular state where they choose to practice. Plus, DCs in all states must complete yearly continuing education.


Their extensive education, hands-on training, and licensing prepare doctors of chiropractic to diagnose and treat health conditions that fall within their scope of practice and to work with other healthcare professionals where appropriate.


Do I Need an Essex, MD Chiropractor?


Chiropractors are noted for their treatment of mid and low back pain, neck pain, herniated disks, sciatica, scoliosis, and headaches, to name just a few. These are painful conditions that are often caused by subtle misalignments in the spine, called vertebral subluxations, which are typically the main focus of chiropractic care.

Are you wondering if chiropractic adjustment right for you? If you’re suffering from pain, inflammation, and movement restriction, visiting a chiropractor Essex, MD patients recommend from Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic may help you overcome some or all of your symptoms. Schedule a consultation to learn about how chiropractic care can help your individual needs and circumstances.