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Chiropractor Parkville, MD  Chiropractor Parkville, MD 

Did you know a Parkville, MD chiropractor can help patients of all ages? Lots of everyday activities can put strain and pressure on the muscles and bones in your child’s back, including carrying a fully packed backpack or sitting for extended periods staring at a computer. The good news is that chiropractic care isn’t just for adults — it’s helpful for children and people of all ages. A Parkville, Maryland chiropractor offers natural chiropractic healing techniques and therapies which are every bit as beneficial for children as they are for grown-ups.


Some parents may be skeptical, though. The thought that youngsters, even infants, can and should see a Parkville, MD chiropractor may take some people time to get used to. But considering the benefits to their growing bodies, it may be precisely the non-invasive, drug-free treatment that supports their correct spinal formation and growth.


Chiropractic care is a healthcare treatment protocol that has been practiced in Maryland and the United States for over a hundred years. Abundant research and anecdotal evidence exist that recognizes and supports the efficacy of chiropractic care in the treatment of numerous musculoskeletal conditions.


Furthermore, the non-surgical, drug-free approach of chiropractic care at Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic may provide equally effective (or possibly more effective) and less costly treatment when compared to primary care methods that use conventional medicine alone. To meet with a Parkville, MD to find out how chiropractic treatments may help you, call our office today.


Chiropractic Care Strives to Take a Lead in Promoting Health


There is a growing focus in modern society towards wellness and prevention of disease rather than the long-standing emphasis on symptom treatment and crisis management. Lifestyle considerations, including long hours of poor posture in sedentary jobs, limited time for exercise, and eating-on-the-go nutrition have harmful effects on the body. A chiropractor in Parkville, MD can provide care that strives to take a lead in promoting health by improving neurological function through spinal realignment, exercise protocols, and proper nutrition.


Chiropractic techniques treat painful conditions that are often caused by vertebral subluxations. Subluxations are subtle misalignments in the spinal column. When a vertebra loses its correct position and/or its motion in regard to the neighboring vertebrae, the result is a vertebral subluxation.


Chiropractors often view subluxations or incorrect spinal alignment as a process that can result in conditions such as these:


  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Mid and upper back pain
  • Herniated discs
  • Headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis


When the vertebrae are not in proper alignment and not functioning correctly, stress, wear and tear, and arthritis may develop on spinal discs and joint cartilage. Then, the tension placed on neighboring muscles and nerves leads to inflammation, pain, and restricted spinal and muscular function.


Chiropractic Care Strives to Identify and Address the Underlying Cause

A chiropractor in Parkville, MD typically performs spinal manipulative techniques to relieve the adverse effects of subluxations on the body. The goal is to improve overall function by addressing the cause of the symptoms rather than suppressing or masking them.


Chiropractors use a variety of non-surgical manipulation techniques including spinal adjustments and manual therapy to address spinal health problems. Chiropractic doctors offer a non-invasive, drug-free, hands-on approach to restorative and preventative healthcare. They typically work towards the recovery and maintenance of normal spinal function without surgery or medicines.


Chiropractors have in-depth education and training that enables them to employ broad diagnostic skills and evaluations. Once the assessment is completed, the chiropractic professional and the patient can agree on a comprehensive treatment protocol that may include chiropractic manipulation, corrective or rehabilitative exercises, and a focus on nutrition and lifestyle changes. A Parkville, MD chiropractor can work with other healthcare providers as needed.


If you are suffering from a condition of the musculoskeletal system that is causing you pain and restricted mobility, schedule a consultation with Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic. A chiropractor Parkville, MD patients recommend will conduct a thorough exam and develop a customized treatment plan. We aim to provide personalized attention and individualized care so you can heal, regain function and mobility, and return to your healthy and active life.


There are numerous reasons that chiropractic care might be appropriate and beneficial for children. They include:


 Birth trauma takes a toll on a child’s spine. When a baby’s spine is injured during or shortly after the delivery, there may be nerve damage or interference, a condition called Traumatic Birth Syndrome (TBS). TBS can lead to other health problems. A Parkville, Maryland chiropractor can determine if an infant’s spine has been compromised by the birthing process and work to correct the damage. Even natural childbirth methods and C-section can contribute to TBS and spinal misalignments.


 Better sleep. When a child experiences tension, aches, irritation, and discomfort, it can make falling and staying asleep quite challenging. And the whole family may feel the effects of the disrupted sleep the next day. Chiropractic care can alleviate these problems and improve an infant or child’s sound and restorative sleep so they can get the rest that they need.


 Colic. Many babies experience relief from digestive upsets with chiropractic care. Since chiropractic care addresses underlying issues in the spine and central nervous system, this can often improve the digestive system and gut imbalances in colicky babies. After a spinal adjustment on an infant, it’s not uncommon for parents to see an immediate reaction from the baby — he or she has an improved demeanor and stops crying.


Ear infections. Children can be more susceptible to ear infections due to their immature Eustachian tube, a component of the middle ear. In infancy and early childhood, this tube is shorter and at more of an angle than it is in adults. Because of this, bacteria can more easily access the middle ear. Chiropractic treatment may improve middle ear drainage and decrease the risk of repeated ear infections.


 It’s natural, non-invasive, drug-free, and gentle. A Parkville, MD chiropractor can provide spinal adjustments using a light touch that is ideal for youngsters. Often, babies and children respond quickly to chiropractic care. Plus, the treatment is done without potentially dangerous medications that typically have side effects.


4 Myths About Chiropractors

1. Chiropractors Aren’t Doctors

While your chiropractor in Parkville, MD, may not be a medical doctor, they still spend thousands of hours studying the practice. Like doctors, they have to attend undergraduate, graduate school, and advanced training. They must take extensive courses on the muscles, skeleton, and nervous system. They also learn the best techniques for realigning the body to relieve tension in the nervous system.

Most chiropractors attend school for the same amount of time as medical doctors. When they graduate, they receive the title Doctor of Chiropractic degree, the DC at the end of their name. They must also pass an exam to obtain their state-issued license. To ensure the chiropractor you visit is qualified, look for a DC in their title and a current license issued by the state where you live. If they don’t have these qualifications, don’t visit them.


2. It’s not Based on Science

Chiropractic work is based on science. Primarily, chiropractors focus on the science behind how the nervous system interacts with the rest of the body. For example, misalignment of the spine and other bones can cause pain as the bones compress the nervous system. At Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic, you can expect a treatment based on the latest scientifically backed techniques. Your treatment will realign your spine and relieve your pain.


3. It Will Hurt

Adjustments by chiropractors don’t hurt. Instead, most patients receive immediate pain relief. After all, we only hire trained professionals to work at Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic. During your treatment, you’ll receive a variety of pain-free adjustment techniques ranging from basic stretches to gentle joint manipulations.


4. It Isn’t Covered by Insurance

Most insurance plans will cover your visit to a chiropractor in Parkville, MD. Check with your insurance provider, and you’ll probably find that it’s covered. If it isn’t covered, sessions are generally affordable and packed with all you need. The information and treatment you receive in the sessions will quickly pay for themselves since you don’t have to worry about medication or surgery.


A typical session lasts either 30 or 60 minutes. Often, they will ask about your medical history and any recent changes. These are so that they can get the complete picture. Then, they create a holistic treatment plan that fits with your life. That can reduce pain without surgery or medication and save you money in the long run.


Seven Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Chiropractic Visit

Always Be Honest About Your Condition and Habits

The more your chiropractor in Parkville, MD knows about your health and habits, both the good and the bad, the better she’ll be able to treat you. If you hide information from her, she may accidentally adjust you the wrong way, exacerbating what was a minor ache, turning it into a major pain.


Get a Massage Prior

It may be helpful for you to get a massage prior to your chiropractic appointment to loosen up your tight muscles and make it easier for your chiropractor in Parkville, MD to take care of you. Looser muscles mean more easily adjusted vertebrae. Massage may also reduce any discomfort you might feel after your adjustment.


Set a Measurable Goal for Your Care

Setting a goal of, “be in less pain” aren’t all that measurable, even if you use the typical 1-10 pain scale. You want to work with your Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic chiropractor to set measurable goals, such as being able to stand upright long enough to make a sandwich, walking without a limp or picking up your one-year-old granddaughter. Those are measurable because they’re specific. You may even want to put a timeline on those goals for added incentive to do your homework your chiropractor may prescribe.


Be Realistic

At the same time you’re setting your goals, you want to be realistic. If you’re currently walking with a limp, running the Boston Marathon next year is probably out of the question. If you can’t lift a gallon of milk into your grocery cart, being able to pick up your granddaughter in the next three months may be unrealistic. 


Make an Effort To Improve Your Health

To support your Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic care, you may want to consider improving your healthy habits and letting go of unhelpful habits. You might think about eating a more plant-based diet with lean proteins instead of your current habit of burgers, fried chicken and pie. You could contemplate quitting smoking and take to eating carrot or celery sticks instead.


Do the Exercises

Whenever your chiropractor in Parkville, MD, gives you exercises for homework, do them exactly as prescribed. If that means once a day, do them once a day. If it means three times a day, do them three times a day. Your recovery depends on  you doing your part to improve your flexibility, mobility and strength.


Plan For “Well Care”

Just as you’d see a dentist or primary care physician for a “well care” visit, the same holds true for chiropractors. Even after you’re out of pain, you may still benefit from maintenance visits to help prevent pain and injuries.


 Should my child keep seeing a chiropractor?

Young patients who see chiropractors often feel relief from pain that is fairly immediate. Two or three visits later, they are no longer suffering back pain and neck aches. Parents start asking “Do they need to keep seeing their chiropractor regularly?” Here are some things to think about when you’re deciding how often your child should see a Parkville, MD chiropractor.


Has their pain been long-term?

Most people see a chiropractor when a long-term ache becomes acute. It’s rare to have a sudden problem in your back, legs, or arms that you really had no warning of. A few adjustments can often relieve the worst symptoms, and you feel better – compared to where you were. But will your child feel as good as once they stop going? If not, there may be some more work to do. Their spine and nervous system’s health depends on alignment and circulation for proper functioning. Chronic problems will get worse through their life if we don’t treat them.


Have they corrected all their posture issues?

If you see your child sitting in a chair reading or on their computer or tablet, take a quick check of their posture. Are they sitting correctly, or are they slouching with their neck forward? For most of us, our habits and activities make perfect posture a bit of a challenge. If your child spends time playing an instrument, typing, or even doing positive things like exercising, they’re placing stress on their skeletal and nervous systems that chiropractic care can help correct. Speaking with their Parkville, MD chiropractor regularly and taking his or her advice can also help you correct the bad habits between visits.


How good can they feel?

When your child gets out of pain with help from chiropractic care, they can also look forward to increased energy, wellness, and fitness. But it takes continued work to correct bad habits and stress. Their chiropractor can offer more than just manipulations to help align their spine. He or she can offer supplements, nutritional advice, and other help to help align their life.


Keep in mind that being in “maintenance” mode is not like the schedule you might be on to correct an acute problem. The visits can be somewhat less frequent, and require less in the way of manipulations to correct problems that might leave them sore. Talk to our team about what kind of schedule makes sense for your child.


5 Myths About Chiropractic Care

If you have never before received treatment from a chiropractor in Parkville, MD, you probably do not know what to expect. In fact, you may even have impressions about chiropractic that are inaccurate and cause anxiety. Here are five common myths about chiropractic. 


Myth #1 – Chiropractic care is expensive.

Fact – Studies of industry costs have determined that chiropractic is significantly less expensive than treatments from traditional medicine. In addition, chiropractic adjustments may eliminate your inclination toward back surgery, which is historically unsuccessful in many cases. Costs of chiropractic treatments can be as much as 40% less than those of traditional medicine.


Myth #2 – Chiropractors are not real doctors.  

Fact – Chiropractors are indeed real doctors, and practitioners receive extensive and rigorous training almost identical to that of medical students. Chiropractors must complete a residency, and many also complete a year-long highly advanced level of nutritional education. Before being allowed to practice, chiropractic students also must pass four sets of national exams as well as tests in states where they want to set up practice. 


Myth #3 – Chiropractic adjustments are dangerous and painful. 

Fact – Your chiropractor in Parkville, MD, offers safe treatments designed to ease pain, bring your body and joints back into alignment, and promote holistic health. Trained and licensed chiropractic doctors generally have less expensive malpractice insurance because people seldom make claims against them. Furthermore, chiropractic adjustments are safer than surgery or painkillers, which only mask the actual cause of your pain and discomfort. Many traditional doctors advise patients to seek chiropractic care before resorting to surgery. 


Myth #4 – Chiropractic treatment must continue for your entire life. 

Fact – This is another prevelant myth that is not true. Some people experience huge relief after one treatment. Others may need only two or three. Every case is unique, so no generalities can be drawn based on results. While consistent adjustments are part of a holistic lifestyle of well-being, some may benefit from receiving adjustments twice each year. Once your condition has improved, the ultimate decision is yours, although it would be helpful to discuss your case with your doctor. 


Myth #5 – Chiropractic treatment is not effective. 

Fact – Many people of all ages report outstanding results from chiropractic care. Patients have experienced relief from ear infections, headaches, high blood pressure, and arthritis as well as relief from pain in their backs, necks, and joints. Treatment from your chiropractor in Parkville, MD, is safe for pregnant women and can help them have healthier pregnancies, easier deliveries, and less post-partum pain and discomfort. 

A chiropractor can partner with you and take the appropriate steps to ensure that your child’s spine is healthy. If you would like to give your child the opportunity to experience the benefits of spinal health and chiropractic care, call a chiropractor Parkville, MD parents recommend from Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic and schedule a consultation and appointment; don’t delay—make the call today.