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Many people choose to take on a triathlon because it is a huge mental and emotional challenge. They want to see if they can push themselves to their limits. The same can be said for their physical limits as well. Especially if this is your first triathlon, you may not be sure how training and the actual triathlon will affect your body. So, what kind of preventative care can you take before completing a triathlon? What can you do after a triathlon to ensure your body bounces back so you can try for the next triathlon? Many triathletes are now going to chiropractors to help them heal from their workout injuries and to get them in the best shape possible for their next triathlon. If you are interested in seeing how Anne Arundel County, Maryland chiropractors from Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic can help you with your healing, please reach out to our office now.


What’s the benefit of going to a chiropractor?


When you are experiencing the aches and pains that come along with rigorous training or completing a triathlon, you may not hesitate to pop back a few pain pills. However, pain medication can react with everyone’s body differently and many athletes and triathletes prefer not to use any pain medication at all. When this is the case, they search for a way to overcome this pain through a more natural source. Working with Anne Arundel County, MD chiropractors is one a pain management resource that does not require drugs.


What kinds of chiropractic techniques can help?

There are many different techniques your Anne Arundel County, MD chiropractors may employ to help you with the pain from training that you are experiencing. Below are some of the most common techniques you may expect.


Kinesiology Taping. When you are having problems with your movement patterns, your chiropractor may use kinesiology tape. While some athletes like to use athletic tape, this can be quite stiff. Kinesiology tape, on the other hand, is flexible which means that you can use it to improve your movement patterns and help alleviate runner’s knee.


Soft Tissue Treatment. If you have areas in your body that have scar tissue from previous injuries, you can speak with your Anne Arundel County, MD chiropractors about different soft tissue treatments they may recommend to help break up the areas of scar tissues to help improve your movement patterns. This can help restore your range of motion and reduce inflammation.


Rehabilitation Exercises. Your Anne Arundel County chiropractors can also help you construct a new treatment plan after you begin healing from your injuries to help prevent the same types of injuries from reoccurring. This can also help you improve balance and stability after you begin re-working your newly improved muscles.


When it comes to triathlons, your body needs to be in the best shape possible so that it does not keep suffering from the same injuries over and over again. For help with your injuries, reach out to experienced Anne Arundel County, MD chiropractors to help get you back in triathlon shape today.