Maryland Professional Physical Therapy

Maryland Professional Physical Therapy

physical therapy Baltimore, MDMany patients who sustain an injury, illness, or medical condition that limits their ability to move and function may find relief and a quicker recover when they obtain treatment from a Maryland professional physical therapy practice.

A physical therapist will put together a customized therapy program for each patient to help them rehab and recover, as well as prevent future injury. Most patients of a Maryland professional physical therapy practice are referred by either their primary physician or by a specialist who is treating them for their condition. Physical therapy is often the first approach to treating an injury or other condition, especially if the treatment can eliminate the need for surgery or a more aggressive treatment plan.

The following are some of the different reasons that patients come to our professional physical therapy practice in Maryland:

Pain: Customized exercises can help reduce or eliminate a patient’s pain. Manual therapy treatment techniques can also help. Some of the different therapies we use at our practice include electrical stimulation, taping, and ultrasound.

Mobility: Patients who are having difficulty moving, standing, or walking can be helped with physical therapy. Stretching exercises and strengthening exercises can help reach this goal. Some of the medical devices that can assist patients mobility issues are canes, crutches, and other orthotic devices.

Surgery: When a patient develops a condition (such as carpal tunnel) or is injured, physical therapy is a conservative treatment option that often works and eliminates the need for invasive surgery to repair treat the condition.

Sports injury: Many people who are physically active and participate in sports often suffer injuries. Physical therapy Baltimore, MD families trust can not only help heal those injuries, but your therapist can also develop a program to help prevent future injuries.

Strokes: When a person suffers a stroke, they often have some degree of loss of movement or function. A therapist from a Maryland professional physical therapy practice can work with a stroke victim to help them strengthen those parts of the body that have been weakened by the stroke. Therapy can help a patient regain their independence again and be able to take care of themselves again.

Age-related conditions: As we age, we often develop medical conditions, like arthritis and osteoporosis. A physical therapy treatment program can help manage the chronic pain that comes with these conditions. Many people also have conditions that become so severe, they need to have joint replacement surgery. Physical therapists work with patients to help them recover from their surgery.


Has Your Doctor Recommended Physical Therapy?

If you are suffering from an injury or medical condition and your doctor has recommended that you contact a Maryland professional physical therapy practice, call Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic to find out how our team can help.