Neck Pain Doctor Baltimore, MD

Neck Pain Doctor Baltimore, MD

How a Neck Pain Doctor Helps Car Accident Victims?

neck pain doctor Baltimore, MD

A neck pain doctor in Baltimore, MD knows that one of the most common car accident injuries that occur – even in minor crashes – is a neck injury. Neck injuries not only happen to people who already suffer with back or neck pain but can also occur to vehicle occupants who never had any previous issues.

At Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic, we have treated many patients who have suffered neck injuries in car accidents and helped them obtain a pain-free life again. Call our Baltimore, MD office today to find out how a neck pain doctor can help you.


How Do Neck Injuries Occur in Vehicle Accidents?

Neck injuries in car crashes usually happen one of two ways. The first way a victim’s neck becomes injured is if the head hits an object in the car, such as an airbag or a headrest. The second way necks sustain injuries occurs if the head suddenly moves forward and backward beyond the neck’s normal movement range when the vehicles smash into each other. This is how whiplash occurs, causing damage to the soft tissues of the neck.


It is not uncommon for there to be a delay in symptoms with a neck injury. It is not uncommon for the victim to not make the connection that the neck pain that suddenly appears days after a crash is connected to the accident.


If you have been in a crash, the following symptoms could indicate whiplash or other neck injury:

  • Blurred vision

  • Chronic pain in the head, shoulders, or neck

  • Dizziness

  • Headaches, especially common at the base of the skull

  • Irritability

  • Issues with memory and concentration

  • Numbness, tingling, or pain in the arms, legs, or shoulders

  • Ringing in the ears

  • Sleep issues

  • Stiffness in the neck


How Are Neck Injuries Treated?

There are several different options that a Baltimore, Maryland neck pain doctor can use to treat neck pain. These treatments include physical therapy, foam collars or braces for support, and pain medication. If the injury was a severe one, such as in the case of the exacerbation of an existing back or neck injury, the victim may require surgery. If this is necessary, recovery and rehab can take months.

A neck pain doctor can evaluate your situation and help determine the best course of treatment for your particular situation.  


How a Chiropractic Treatment Plan Can Help Your Neck Pain

You may have heard of chiropractic treatment for neck pain, but when it’s suggested you visit a Baltimore, MD neck pain doctor to address your pain, you might speculate on what they actually do and if the treatment plan will help you recover. A neck pain doctor Baltimore, MD trusts who works in chiropractics will mainly deal with spinal realignments and adjustments that open neural pathways and reduce muscles strain, but they also deal with physical changes during pregnancy, adjustments after injuries, and other joint and muscle problems. Here is what you might expect from a treatment plan aimed at reducing pain in your neck.

Initial Evaluation 

Upon your first visit to our neck pain doctor, he or she will take an initial assessment of your medical history and the problems you are experiencing. A physical exam will also occur where the chiropractor may test reflexes, motion, movement, and potential neurological hindrances. The sum of this visit will give the chiropractor a place to start with creating a plan that best fits your needs. As every patient is different, treatment plans are not meant to cover a broad range of problems, but instead focus on specific individual problems.


Setting Goals 

A Baltimore neck pain doctor can work with you to set goals that you’d like to achieve during your time in care. The number of appointments you make can depend on those goals and determine what the focus of each appointment will be. Goals can be short-term, including reducing pain, improving balance, and decreasing muscle tension, and long-term, such as returning your body to a stable form so you can function again in daily life.



During each appointment, your neck pain doctor will work on joints that relate directly to your pain. He or she may put a heavy focus on the spine, as that is the greatest neural pathway between the body and the brain, and keeping it open is essential in improving your physical state. Adjustments, which are hands-on manipulation of joints, bones, and muscles, will be made to realign anything that might be off-centered. It is not recommended that you try to adjust yourself at home, as you may cause further injury.


Future Care

The neck pain doctor may reassess your progress and condition at each session to determine if you need more appointments. This is all dependent on how close you are to reaching your goals, and whether you feel your situation has improved. No matter your pain, a neck pain doctor in Maryland can be a great option for getting back on your feet. 


Contact A Baltimore, MD Neck Pain Doctor Today

If you have been injured in a vehicle accident – or any other type of incident – and have suffered a neck injury, contact Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic to set up an appointment and find out what treatment options are available for you.


Our neck pain doctors understand that suffering with pain can wreak havoc on your ability to work and even perform everyday activities. A neck pain doctor Baltimore, MD patients recommend from our clinic can help you decide the best medical options for your condition.