Neck Pain Doctor Baltimore, MD

Neck Pain Doctor Baltimore, MD

How a Neck Pain Doctor Helps Car Accident Victims?

neck pain doctor Baltimore, MD

A neck pain doctor in Baltimore, MD knows that one of the most common car accident injuries that occur – even in minor crashes – is a neck injury. Neck injuries not only happen to people who already suffer with back or neck pain but can also occur to vehicle occupants who never had any previous issues.

At Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic, we have treated many patients who have suffered neck injuries in car accidents and helped them obtain a pain-free life again. Call our Baltimore, MD office today to find out how a neck pain doctor can help you.



Neck injuries in car crash usually happen one of two ways. The first way a victim’s neck becomes injured is if the head hits an object in the car, such as an airbag or a headrest. The second way necks sustain injuries occurs if the head suddenly moves forward and backward beyond the neck’s normal movement range when the vehicles smash into each other. This is how whiplash occurs, causing damage to the soft tissues of the neck.

It is not uncommon for there to be a delay in symptoms with a neck injury. It is not uncommon for the victim to not make the connection that the neck pain that suddenly appears days after a crash is connected to the accident.


If you have been in a crash, the following symptoms could indicate whiplash or another neck injury:

  • Blurred vision
  • Chronic pain in the head, shoulders, or neck
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches, especially common at the base of the skull
  • Irritability
  • Issues with memory and concentration
  • Numbness, tingling, or pain in the arms, legs, or shoulders
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Sleep issues
  • Stiffness in the neck


Chronic neck pain may range from a slight, annoying ache in the neck to more severe neck pain that makes everyday activity virtually impossible. Sometimes chronic neck pain may be the result of an underlining disease such as arthritis or the congenital abnormalities of your vertebrae and bones. Other times neck pain can be the result of an injury that wasn’t properly treated or may even be due to poor posture. In the case of underlining diseases or disorders, unfortunately, neck pain may not always go away. However, enlisting the help of a neck pain doctor will ensure that all its symptoms are mitigated. Our goal is to ensure that every patient is able to live a long, quality rich life. 


There are several different options that a Baltimore, Maryland neck pain doctor can use to treat neck pain. These treatments include physical therapy, foam collars or braces for support, and pain medication. If the injury was a severe one, such as in the case of the exacerbation of an existing back or neck injury, the victim may require surgery. If this is necessary, recovery and rehab can take months.

A neck pain doctor can evaluate your situation and help determine the best course of treatment for your particular situation.

Five Myths About Neck Pain

Myth: I Can’t Keep Neck Pain From Happening

Fact: You can avoid neck pain with just a few simple tweaks to how you’re doing certain things such as lifting heavy boxes or sleeping. A few adjustments your Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic team may suggest you make include:

  • Maintain proper posture
  • Sleep on your side or back with the right kind of pillow
  • Squat to lift things from the floor, keeping your back straight
  • Carry things close to your body instead of with your arms outstretched
  • Follow a nutritious diet to give your bones the nutrients they need

Neck Pain Is Just Part of Aging

Fact: While it’s true that some issues associated with aging can lead to osteoarthritis — arthritis caused by wear and tear on your joints — your neck pain doctor in Baltimore, MD, could tell you it’s possible to prevent, relieve, and stall any neck pain from arthritis. Some of these means include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Physical therapy
  • Epidural steroid injections
  • Joint injections

Whiplash Only Happens if I’m in a Car Accident

Your neck pain doctor in Baltimore, MD, at Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic could tell you that whiplash isn’t just from car accidents, though that’s the most common cause. Whiplash can also occur if you’re in a sporting accident or if you slip and fall. If you’re experiencing whiplash symptoms, seek immediate medical care.

All I Have To Do Is Rest

Bed rest is often the first suggestion if you have back or neck pain. However, it may be a bad idea for several reasons. First, the more you rest, the more your muscles atrophy. Atrophied muscles are weak and can’t hold your head up properly, leading to more pain. Second, your pillow may be a problem. If it’s not the right thickness or firmness, it can contribute to your neck pain. Third, using your phone or tablet in bed can lead to strain on your neck, depending on how you’re holding your device while binge watching all 32 seasons of The Simpsons.

Only Blue-collar Employees Get Neck Pain on the Job

Blue-collar workers get their fair share of neck pain. However, they’re not the only ones. White-collar employees often have their monitor positioned badly, so it’s not at eye level, or have their chair positioned too high or too low. Your neck pain doctor in Baltimore, MD may have specific suggestions for your particular case.neck pain doctor in Baltimore, MD


You may have heard of chiropractic treatment for neck pain, but when it’s suggested you visit a Baltimore, MD neck pain doctor to address your pain, you might speculate on what they actually do and if the treatment plan will help you recover. A neck pain doctor Baltimore, MD trusts who works in chiropractics will mainly deal with spinal realignments and adjustments that open neural pathways and reduce muscles strain, but they also deal with physical changes during pregnancy, adjustments after injuries, and other joint and muscle problems. Here is what you might expect from a treatment plan aimed at reducing pain in your neck.


Upon your first visit to our neck pain doctor, he or she will take an initial assessment of your medical history and the problems you are experiencing. A physical exam will also occur where the chiropractor may test reflexes, motion, movement, and potential neurological hindrances. The sum of this visit will give the chiropractor a place to start with creating a plan that best fits your needs. As every patient is different, treatment plans are not meant to cover a broad range of problems but instead focus on specific individual problems.


A Baltimore neck pain doctor can work with you to set goals that you’d like to achieve during your time in care. The number of appointments you make can depend on those goals and determine what the focus of each appointment will be. Goals can be short-term, including reducing pain, improving balance, and decreasing muscle tension, and long-term, such as returning your body to a stable form so you can function again in daily life.


During each appointment, your neck pain doctor will work on joints that relate directly to your pain. He or she may put a heavy focus on the spine, as that is the greatest neural pathway between the body and the brain, and keeping it open is essential in improving your physical state. Adjustments, which are hands-on manipulation of joints, bones, and muscles, will be made to realign anything that might be off-centered. It is not recommended that you try to adjust yourself at home, as you may cause further injury.



Every patient is different and thus requires different needs. As such, it can be difficult to determine how long you might need treatment. Treatment for neck pain may only be a couple of sessions or if it’s a serious injury or chronic pain, such treatment may last several months. Your neck pain doctor will be able to help you determine the best treatment plan which will include an estimate of how many sessions you may require. Most patients seek treatment once a week, but this can be adjusted depending upon your own needs as well as your lifestyle/schedule. 



The neck pain doctor may reassess your progress and condition at each session to determine if you need more appointments. This is all dependent on how close you are to reaching your goals, and whether you feel your situation has improved. No matter your pain, a neck pain doctor in Maryland can be a great option for getting back on your feet. Don’t be alarmed, however, if your treatment lasts many sessions as you’ll be feeling degrees of relief along the way. For example, even if your recommended treatment is several months this may not mean that you won’t start feeling relief until your treatment ends. Instead, you’re likely to feel relief along the way. The best way to look at it is that neck pain often doesn’t happen overnight and its pain and discomfort typically increase. As such, your treatment will help to decrease your neck pain over time. 


Prevention and Treatment of Neck Pain

Life is full of aches and pains. There’s no getting around that. One of the most common types of pain is neck pain. Even if it’s not severe, it can be distracting and can make focusing and performing tasks difficult. You don’t have to suffer from neck pain. There are ways to prevent it, and treatment is available when it happens.


If you are hurting, by all means, see a neck pain doctor in Baltimore, MD, like those at Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic. But some of the common causes of neck pain can be avoided fairly easily.

Improper sleep position is a major cause. Your head should like with your spine and neck straight. Pillows that place the neck at a strange angle will cause you to wake up in pain. 

If you work at a desk, have your monitor set so you can keep your head straight when you look at it. Sitting for hours with your neck tilted up or down will also cause pain and can cause problems with your vertebrae.

Stress can also contribute to neck pain. Common stresses may include work-related stress, financial problems, or relationships issues. Ways to relieve stress can include therapy, practicing deep-breathing exercises, mediation, and yoga. Identifying stress-related triggers can help you avoid stress as well. 

Neck pain can also be exacerbated by an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s best to avoid bad habits such as smoking or binge drinking as well as eating in moderation. Having a healthier diet can help prevent neck pain or alleviate its symptoms. Also conducting proper exercise can be crucial. You can enlist the help of your doctor to prescribe a regimen plan as well as a fitness instructor. Just make sure you don’t push yourself too much. Lastly, having a proper sleep schedule is recommended. While you won’t always have to follow your sleeping schedule to a T, try to set a specific hour you go to bed every night as well as how many hours you will sleep for. 

Car accidents often cause whiplash and neck trauma. Driving defensively can help avoid them but you can’t control other drivers. Don’t hesitate to see a neck pain doctor in Baltimore, MD if you are hurting after an accident.



As the spine runs up through the neck, problems there can be similar to those in the back. Subluxations and compressed discs can be painful and press on the spinal cord. This can cause headaches and pain, tingling, or numbness in the limbs, hands, or feet. Chiropractic care is often a good method of treatment. Chiropractors are trained to examine the spine and find the subluxations or other issues. They are then able to make adjustments to get the vertebrae back into proper alignment. This often relieves pain prevents future flare-ups. A neck pain doctor in Baltimore, MD can treat many of the common causes of neck pain.

Regularly seeing a chiropractor such as those at Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic can have further benefits as the treatments may help prevent future neck injuries. Some patients find that they sleep better when making regular visits. Better sleep will always lead to better health and generally to reduced pain. Chiropractor care can be an important part of your regular healthcare. It is certainly worth paying a visit to see what it can do for you.


If you have been injured in a vehicle accident – or any other type of incident – and have suffered a neck injury, contact Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic to set up an appointment and find out what treatment options are available for you.

Our neck pain doctors understand that suffering with pain can wreak havoc on your ability to work and even perform everyday activities. A neck pain doctor Baltimore, MD patients recommend from our clinic can help you decide the best medical options for your condition.

5 Steps To Take When Experiencing Neck Pain

Neck pain can be chronic or set in unexpectedly. In some cases, neck pain is the result of an obvious event (such as a sports or motor vehicle accident). In other cases, the source of your neck pain may be a bit more mysterious and could be due to things like stress or sleeping in a strange position at night.

No matter what is causing your neck pain, there are some things you should do when it arises. From stretching to visiting a neck pain doctor in Baltimore, MD, here are five steps you may want to take the next time you feel discomfort in your neck.

1. Try Hot or Cold Therapy

Using hot or cold packs may help relieve some of the discomfort associated with neck pain. In some cases, alternating between hot and cold temperatures can be most helpful, while in other cases, either hot or cold temperatures may deliver better pain relief. If you aren’t sure whether your neck pain will respond better to heat or cold, try using both of them and see which one helps your discomfort subside most effectively.

2. Stretch Your Neck and Shoulder Muscles

Sometimes, neck pain comes from over-tight muscles in the neck and shoulders. Gently stretching these muscles may deliver promising results. The doctors at Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic can help walk you through various stretching and flexing exercises you can do to improve neck mobility and relieve tension in the area.

3. Take Muscle Relaxants or Anti-Inflammatory Medications

Though they should be used sparingly, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medications may help relieve sudden or severe neck pain. Use them according to the recommendations of a health care provider, as overuse of these medications can come with undesirable side effects.

4. Wear Braces for Extra Support

In some cases, the neck may require extra support to relieve pain and aid in muscle recovery after an injury. At Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic, we can recommend appropriate braces and corsets for your particular needs and situation.

5. Get Regular Chiropractic Adjustments

In many cases, neck pain is caused by misalignment of the vertebra in the neck or along the spine. To minimize pain from this cause, you can schedule regular chiropractic adjustments with a neck pain doctor in Baltimore, MD. Here at Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic, we use a variety of techniques to improve vertebral alignment and reduce neck and back pain. We would be happy to take a look at your neck and provide you with a treatment recommendation.

Neck Pain Infographic

5 Steps To Take When Experiencing Neck Pain Infographic