Thompson Drop Technique Glen Burnie, MD

One of the many techniques utilized at Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic is the Thompson Drop Technique Glen Burnie, MD chiropractors have used for years. This can be a powerful technique to help you when you are experiencing back and hip pain and it can allow your chiropractor to bring you targeted relief to these areas. Many people try chiropractic care as a “Hail Mary.” They think they have no other options and they may as well try chiropractic care. However, turning to your local chiropractor should be one of the first steps in your healing journey because it can quickly bring you relief and help you avoid medication and surgery. Interested in learning more about the techniques we use in our office to help patients get out of pain? Give our office a call now. 


What is the Thompson Drop Technique? 


This is a very common technique used throughout chiropractors’ offices. If your chiropractor wants to employ this technique, they will lay you on an adjusting table that has different areas with drops. This means that if you are experiencing lower back pain and your chiropractor wants to make an adjustment to your lower back, they will have a drop in the table under your lower back so they can make quick thrusts in that area. This will allow your chiropractor to use swift and accurate movements that give you the best results. 


Your chiropractor Glen Burnie, MD offers will have you lay face down on the table. If you have never gone to a chiropractor, this may seem awkward at first because you may want to be able to look at the technique your chiropractor is using. However, this will give you the best adjustment. This can be a particularly good technique for patients who are hoping for more body support throughout their adjustment. 


Will I do anything else while I am at the chiropractor’s office? 


Most likely! Many chiropractors like to utilize different types of treatment instead of just attacking the pain from one angle. This ensures that your whole body is getting the pain relief it needs. They may encourage you to do certain physical therapy moves to strengthen and help with mobility or they may want to make different adjustments to areas other than your back for overall body health. 


Want to speak with our chiropractor? Give us a call and learn more about our Glen Burnie, Maryland Thompson Drop Technique now.