Workers Comp Doctors Baltimore, MD

Workers Comp Doctors Baltimore, MD workers comp doctors Baltimore, MD

If you have been injured in your workplace, you should seek help from Baltimore, MD workers’ comp doctors. Common workplace injuries that lead to seeking workers’ compensation benefits often involve accidents leading to back and neck pain. Particularly because these areas are so important to everyday function, they should be looked at immediately. When you have a medical professional look at your injuries, you want to ensure you are getting the proper treatment to help you heal as best as possible while also finding a doctor who will take detailed notes for your medical record. Because of this, many people who have been injured due to on-the-job activity seek medical care from trusted workers’ comp doctors in Baltimore, MD.


Common Job Injuries Treated by Baltimore, MD Workers’ Comp Doctors


There are many injuries that can be treated at Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic. Some of the injuries often seen that happen at the workplace are:


  •      Twists and sprains
  •      Repetitive motion injuries
  •      Slips and falls
  •      Overexertion pain
  •      Impact injuries
  •      Construction injuries
  •      Lifting injuries


What You Should Do If You Are Injured At Work


If you have been injured at your place of work or injured while performing tasks for your jobs, the first thing to do is to notify your employer as soon as possible after the injury. In some cases, you will even need to notify them in writing to have a record of your report. You should also assess where you believe you were injured and get the appropriate help, whether it is driving to the nearest hospital or having a co-worker call an ambulance for you. Having a record that a medical professional saw your injuries immediately after the accident occurred can be extremely beneficial when filing for workers’ compensation.


What Are the Benefits of Treatments by Maryland Workers’ Comp Doctors


There are many reasons chiropractic care can be beneficial after sustaining a workplace injury.


  1. Chiropractic care is a non-invasive form of treatment. Instead of costly surgeries and longer time spent out of the office healing after surgery, chiropractic care promotes and encourages your body’s natural ability to heal through different forms of stimulation, like pressure point therapy or massage therapy.
  2. Chiropractic care can help reduce your pain level and target the exact area of pain through different types of different. Many times, pinched nerves or a slipped disc can be helped through spinal manipulation. Chiropractors also have many different massage techniques or use electrical stimulation to promote tissue healing and regrowth. This can help with areas of your body that are severely inflamed.
  3. When dealing with pain, many doctors will give you high doses of narcotics and painkillers to help get you through the pain. While medication can be helpful, it can create a dependency on these drugs, and some of them can also prevent you from going back to work if you must operate heavy machinery. Instead of medications, chiropractors will offer many different healing techniques that you can even take home with you to prevent pain or prevent future workplace injuries.


Will I Be Paid if Injured at Work?


Even if medical bills are being paid by an employer after you’ve been injured at work, you may still be concerned about lost wages. If you’re not cleared to return to work soon after an injury or work-related illness, will you be paid?


Workers’ Compensation Provides for Some Payment of Wages


The workers’ comp doctors in Baltimore, Maryland understand that it can be stressful dealing with medical bills and lost wages. The good news is that workers’ compensation is designed to pay something if you lost wages as a result of lost time. Unfortunately, in most situations, it will only cover about 66 percent of whatever wages you were making before the incident. You may want to consider purchasing supplemental disability coverage if this is a concern. Don’t forget that temporary or permanent disability may entitle you to a higher percentage or an award over and above the wages. 


If you are covered by supplemental disability policies that you paid for, you may also need to check on how your coverage works if you are also being compensated by an employer. Some policies contain the right of subrogation. This means that if another company paid for a benefit, you are not entitled to receive it twice. Situations involving wages can be complex, so ask questions before you buy a policy, and consult an attorney if you are in doubt.


There May Be Delays in Payment


After the incident, it’s important to file a claim as soon as you or a loved one are able to. Just because you’ve received medical treatment from Baltimore, MD workers’ comp doctors does not mean that the claim has been filed. Once the claim is formally filed, the employer and insurance company have a few days to process the claim. Most states limit the amount of time they have, but expect this process to take a few days to a week at least.


Once the claim is approved, they have additional time to actually make the payment. This may not align with your normal payroll periods. They may take up to 30 days to actually send you a payment.


Prepare for Changes in Employment Status


Depending on your state, the size of your employer, and some other factors, you should be prepared for a change in employment status during a long-term period where you cannot work. Employers in some situations can replace you. They may still be required to pay workers’ compensation benefits for a certain period of time, but they may not be required to hold your job open for you while you are unable to work. Consider seeing how the workers’ comp doctors in Baltimore, Maryland can help you with your claim.


Getting the Help You Need


Workers’ comp doctors Baltimore, MD patients recommend offer treatments that can be incredibly beneficial for job-related injuries. They can help you with your healing process and help document your injuries and recovery process when you file your claim. If you have any further questions on chiropractic care for workers’ compensation or would like to get in touch with our office, call Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic today.