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Auto Accident Whiplash Doctor Baltimore City, MD

Auto Accident Whiplash Doctor Baltimore City, MDAuto Accident Whiplash Doctor Baltimore City, MD

7 Questions To Ask When Choosing a Chiropractor


In the United States, approximately 1 million chiropractic adjustments are performed every business day. More than 27 million Americans receive treatment from chiropractors on a yearly basis. Therefore, if you are thinking of trying chiropractic to treat back, musculoskeletal, or joint pain, you are in good company.

Choosing the right auto accident whiplash doctor in Baltimore City, MD is an important decision, but it can also be a difficult one, especially if you do not know much about chiropractic to begin with. Using the following questions to guide your decision may help you to find a auto accident whiplash doctor in Baltimore City, MD who is both caring and competent.

1. What Are the Chiropractor’s Credentials?

Chiropractic treatment is considered safe when performed by a auto accident whiplash doctor in Baltimore City, MD who has obtained the required license and received the necessary training. However, an adjustment by a someone who is not fully qualified could have disastrous outcomes. You can access the website of your state’s licensing board to perform a check of credentials.

2. Is the Chiropractor Highly Recommended?

You should ask for recommendations before deciding on which auto accident whiplash doctor in Baltimore City, MD to see. A referral from your primary care physician is ideal, but if you have family members and friends who have seen chiropractors in the past, you can ask them for names of those they found effective.

3. Does the Chiropractor Have Experience Treating Your Condition?

This information may be available from the chiropractor’s website. This step may require you to conduct some research into your condition so you can more effectively evaluate the claims an auto accident whiplash doctor in Baltimore City, MD makes about it.

4. Does the Chiropractor Oversell His or Her Abilities?

Chiropractic is most effective on conditions of the spine and musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors who claim to treat or cure other conditions may not be trustworthy. Always feel free to ask for a second opinion if unsure.

5. Does the Chiropractor Recommend Unnecessary Testing or Treatment?

Examples may include proprietary supplements or X-rays that are not medically indicated. If you are unsure whether the treatment you receive is necessary, ask your doctor.

6. Do You Feel Comfortable With the Chiropractor?

Are you at ease when communicating with him or her, and do you feel you receive adequate time and attention? Or do you feel on your guard, rushed through your appointment, or pressured into treatments that you may not need or want?

7. Will Your Insurance Cover Treatment From Your Chiropractor?

This is a very important question for some people. Others, however, may be willing to pay for treatment from an out-of-network auto accident whiplash doctor in Baltimore City, MD they really like. In any case, this is good information to know before you begin your course of treatment.


We understand the importance of this decision, and we want to help you make the right choice. Therefore, we will be delighted to answer your questions when you contact Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab.