Car Accident Treatment Baltimore, MD

Car Accident Treatment – Baltimore, MD Car Accident Treatment - Baltimore, MD

Personal injuries come in numerous forms and can have many causes. They can come from motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, violent assaults, injury from defective products, and many more. If you are in pain or have mobility restrictions due to an incident that was caused by a negligent or careless party, such as a motor vehicle collision, you should seek proper treatment as soon as possible after the injury. Medical care, including chiropractic care, can ensure that the extent of your injuries is evaluated and the appropriate treatment is obtained. This will help to minimize long-term costs and health consequences. Patients may benefit from specialized car accident treatment in Baltimore, Maryland at Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic.

What is a Chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a trained medical professional who relieves pain in the spine and other areas of the body often through correcting the positioning of bones, joints, and spinal vertebrae that have slipped out of their proper alignment. Chiropractors are licensed healthcare professionals. U.S. states require all chiropractors to obtain a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from a Council of Chiropractic Education (CCE) accredited college. Additionally, all chiropractors must keep up-to-date with the latest in their field by taking continuing education classes. Not all chiropractors perform car accident treatment in Baltimore, MD, but patients who can take advantage of this service may benefit significantly from it.

Taking Steps to Return to Normal

Many doctors of chiropractic care offer a comprehensive service for evaluating and treating personal injuries. Chiropractors can treat soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries and can also provide rehabilitative therapy for accident or trauma victims. Creating an individualized treatment and recovery plan for you, a chiropractic professional can help you return to your routine activities feeling free of pain. Chiropractors can also educate you about the long-term outcome of your injury and provide strategies for minimizing any problems that may arise. All of these general approaches are embraced when performing car accident treatment in Baltimore, MD. Specific treatments may include:

  • Manual chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractic adjustments are designed to reposition misaligned bones and joints and restore normal movement and function of the spine and the entire musculoskeletal system.

  • Soft tissue rehabilitation

Noninvasive rehabilitative therapies designed to return damaged or tight soft tissues throughout the body back to their normal, pain-free function. These include massage therapy, trigger point therapy, passive stretching, myofascial release, strength training, and range-of-motion exercises.

  • Home rehabilitative care

Chiropractors can provide personalized programs designed to help speed recovery, restore strength, increase mobility, and improve posture. Doctors of chiropractic can provide postural education and teach active range of motion exercises to help patients recover. They can also recommend complementary therapies like applying heat and ice packs, consuming nutritional supplements, and making dietary changes that may be helpful.

Working with Insurance Companies

Many chiropractors work with different types of insurance, including that of the party responsible for your accident or traumatic injury. Check with our office about obtaining car accident treatment in Baltimore, MD and about getting the medical documentation you will need for your personal injury claim. A chiropractor’s documentation not only helps provide an understanding of an accident victim’s injury situation, but they also provide the required documentation as a medical professional. Medical records are a powerful tool to demonstrate your need for chiropractic treatment for your injuries in a settlement meeting, mediation, or the courtroom.

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Commonly Used Methods to Treat Car Accident Injuries Holistically 

Physical therapy (and other treatments not based in drug therapy or surgery) can greatly benefit those who are facing neurological and/or musculoskeletal conditions as a result of a car accident. The care team at Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic can offer treatments that are specialized to meet the needs of car accident victims. Anyone who is struggling with their daily routine due to limitations caused by a car accident may find improvements after physical therapy sessions. 

The Initial Session and Treatment Methods

During the first session with a physical therapist at our clinic, you will be asked about current and past medical conditions and what you hope to gain from physical therapy. Then, our Baltimore, Maryland car accident treatment team can use several approaches to create a plan that is unique to you. This Baltimore, MD car accident treatment plan may entail things like exercise, ultrasound, general chiropractic care, traction, joint mobilization, massage, heat, ice, laser therapy, and more. Here we have gone into detail for a few of the most common treatment methods: 

  • Exercise: the intention of exercise is to put controlled physical stress onto the body to help increase range of motion, flexibility, and strength. Exercise is often included in a patient’s treatment plan, and some may be performed at home even when the physical therapist isn’t present. A home exercise program in addition to physical therapy sessions can be key in returning the patient to the desired level of functioning.


  • Ultrasound: administered by the physical therapist using an ultrasound machine, he or she may apply gel and move the handheld tool in circular motions around the injury site or area of impairment. The ultrasound waves are then absorbed into the muscles and skin.


  • Massage: a physical therapist may knead the injured tissues of the body to help alleviate pain, lower muscle tension, and improve circulation. Massage techniques may vary, and can include petrissage, trigger point, and effleurage massage. Chiropractic care may also be used as part of your Baltimore, MD car accident treatment plan in place of or in addition to massage.


  • Head and Ice: those who have an injury can apply hot packs to the damaged area, to increase circulation, relax muscles, and aid in pain relief. Cold packs can be used to assist in pain reduction and keep inflammation under control. Ice is more often used during the initial injury phase to minimize tissue swelling. 

5 Benefits Car Accident Treatment

If you or your loved one have been injured in a car accident, you may benefit from receiving car accident treatment Baltimore, MD residents count on at times like this. It is not easy to experience a car accident and the injuries that can occur but having proper treatment from an experienced professional can help you get through it. Our goal is to get your life, health, and physical abilities restored to what they were before the accident, or at least as close as possible to give you the highest quality of life possible. We are experienced working with patients like you and understand that car accident injuries are not the same as other types of injuries, which helps to better treat your health and recovery needs. 

  1. Faster Recovery
    The length of your recovery will greatly depend on your injuries and their severity as well as your ability and willingness to work for your recovery. However, with Baltimore car accident treatment from our clinic you will likely recover more quickly because we create a treatment plan specific to you that will help you regain your strength and mobility more quickly than if you do not do any car accident treatment.
  2. Increased Physical Abilities
    It is likely that after your car accident and injuries you do not have the same physical mobility and ability that you did before, but your unique treatment plan will work to improve your physical ability by utilizing exercises and stretches specific to the areas you are working to recover and improve.
  3. Improved Quality of Life
    When you can’t function to your full potential, it will likely have a negative impact on your life in many ways, such as not being able to do your hobbies and activities you love and that bring you joy. Being treated for your car accident injuries can help you restore your life and live it to your fullest. 
  4. Better Mood and Outlook on Life
    When you set a goal for yourself, work hard to achieve it, and then reach it you will feel a renewed sense of self-worth and pride. Your recovery may not be an easy road but working hard to improve your life and regain your abilities will help you see that it is possible and likely give you the boost of self-confidence that you need to get through this and keep working towards all of your life goals. 

Increased Strength

There is a strong possibility that immediately after your accident injuries you will not be able to move much – and depending on the extent of your injuries it could be some time before you can begin starting your journey to recovery. Because of this, it is expected that you will lose some of your strength during that initial recovery time. Baltimore car accident treatment will help you to regain your lost strength so that you can continue to recover and get your life back on track.


Patients Who Can Benefit 

Our Baltimore, Maryland car accident treatment team can assist patients struggling with traumatic brain injury, back pain, spinal cord damage, balance challenges, headaches, dizziness, concussion, neurological conditions, and more. Those with a movement dysfunction or musculoskeletal injury can talk with a physical therapist to find out what their treatment options are and what to expect during their sessions. 

Seek Medical Attention Promptly

After a car accident, adrenaline can mask your pain and discomfort. You might not feel injured at all. However, that doesn’t mean you should wait to see a doctor. Delaying treatment can worsen your injuries and put your health in jeopardy. It can also make the negligent party’s insurance company question if you’re as injured as you claim to be.

Be Upfront About Your Medical History

When you first see a doctor about your car accident injuries, he or she will ask you questions about your medical history. For example, your doctor may want to know if you’ve been seriously injured in the past or if you suffer from any chronic illnesses. It’s important to be completely honest about your medical history. If you don’t provide your doctor with accurate information, he or she may not be able to give you the appropriate treatment.

Describe Your Symptoms in Great Detail

There’s no such thing as providing too many details about your symptoms. The more your doctor knows, the better he or she can help you. For example, if you tend to feel more pain in your back when you first wake up in the morning, tell your doctor that.

Go to All of Your Medical Appointments

To ensure a smooth recovery, it’s important to go to all your scheduled doctor’s appointments. Even if you’re starting to feel better, that’s no reason to skip your medical appointments. If the insurance company finds out that you aren’t committed to your car accident treatment in Baltimore, MD, it could hurt your claim.

Take Prescribed Medication

If your doctor has prescribed medication to treat your car accident injuries, you should take them on schedule. Stopping the medication prematurely can slow down your recovery and put your claim in jeopardy. If you’re experiencing unpleasant side effects from your medication, let your doctor know immediately.

Tell Your Doctor About Your Emotional Suffering

Car accidents don’t just result in physical injuries. They can also cause emotional injuries. For example, you may experience anxiety and depression after your accident. Be sure to tell your doctor about your emotional suffering. He or she may advise you to see a mental health therapist.

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