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Chiropractic Baltimore County, MDChiropractic Baltimore County, MD

How a Chiropractor Can Treat Ear Infections


A majority of people will consider seeing a chiropractic in Baltimore County, MD for back or neck pain; however, most will not associate a chiropractor with the ability to treat ear infections. Spinal manipulation can treat conditions and symptoms well beyond back and neck pain. If you are suffering from headaches, scoliosis, and ear infections, be sure to consider a chiropractor. In doing so, you might avoid prescription medications that are costly and often carry dangerous side effects. Furthermore, Baltimore, MD chiropractic treatment is long lasting and effective. For a consultation now, call Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab. 


How Ear Infections Work


Most people will have experienced ear infections at least once in their life. Children are most susceptible to ear infections with nearly 80% of them having one before they turn three.  For children, ear infections are often chronic and cause immeasurable pain that leaves them in tears and unable to sleep. Many ear infections are caused by viral or bacterial infections in the inner, middle, or outer ear. The infection is a result of swelling in the small tubes that run from the ear to the back of the throat. When the tubes swell, they also become blocked. Fluid builds up and causes impaired hearing, imbalance, dizziness, nausea, pain, discomfort, and stress. While the child might be in pain, parents might also be in emotional distress from watching the child having to go through this experience. Prescription medications and minimally invasive procedures might work; however, there are also other options that should be considered. 


Baltimore County Chiropractic Care for Ear Infections


Baltimore County, MD Chiropractic care can often alleviate pain caused by ear infections. In general, this treatment is done on a routine basis, is safe, non addictive, and non-invasive. There are no medications; however, natural supplements might be recommended. In some cases, an OTC medication will be suggested. 


When you or a loved one receives treatment from a chiropractor, you can know that the approach is gentle and pain free. It seeks to reduce restriction in the joints, align the spine, and readjust the skeletal structure. The goal of this treatment is to reduce inflammation, improve movement in the joints, and rebalance the nervous system. Through this, the body can better manage pain. Additional ways Baltimore County, MD chiropractic treatment can help ear infections, include:


Relief of pain

Inflammation relief

Improved flexibility

Improved coordination

Improved sleep


In addition to the aforementioned, chiropractic treatment may improve the immune system. This is beneficial for anyone, but especially young children who may suffer from ear infections, or are otherwise at risk for developing an ear infection. 


Do You Know Someone Suffering from Ear Infections?


Whether you or a child is experiencing chronic ear infections, it may be a good idea to consult with a chiropractor about whether or not this treatment can help you. At Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab, we will closely listen to what you have to say, and help you to make an education choice about receiving chiropractic care. If you believe this is what is right for you, and we also feel you will benefit from it, we will create an individualized plan of treatment. Call a chiropractic in Baltimore County, MD from Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab now.