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 How Adjustments and Working Out Go Hand in Hand

Though you might feel the same type of muscle soreness after working out or having a chiropractic adjustment, they are two different activities all together, as an occupational therapist in Baltimore. The good news is adjustments and workouts go hand in hand in creating wholeness and good health. If you’re planning an exercise routine and a chiropractic adjustment in the same day or the same week, consider scheduling the adjustment first. The following are a few ways it benefits you most to do it in that order.


Pain Relief

Many chiropractic adjustments are to relieve pain. If you complete an exercise routine before you are adjusted, you will be exercising through the pain. This could cause the feeling to become worse as well. When you are adjusted first, the pressure on your spinal nerves is released, as an occupational therapist in Baltimore can attest. This allows your body to feel relaxed going into the workout. Without so much pain and pressure, your body could also move more freely and easily.

Avoiding Injury


Physical therapy Baltimore, MD can relax the body. Heading into a workout with relaxed muscles can help you void injury. When your muscles are tense, that is when you experience more injuries. It’s also nice to feel that relaxation in your whole being so you can get the very most out of your workout without tense distractions.


Overall Balance

When the muscles attached to your spine are balanced, your body is better balanced overall. You won’t have a painful muscle making you physically pull to one side and you won’t have your mental balance thrown off because of a focus on pain. After an adjustment, you will better be able to focus all your energy on your workout so it is in perfect balance with what you are hoping to achieve.


Training the Body

If you head into a workout with aches and pains, only to relieve the pain with chiropractics at a later time, you are training your body to recognize exercise as more of a stressor than it really is. If you get adjusted first and your body is more relaxed going into the workout, your body will recognize exercise as a beneficial activity.


Contacting an Occupational Therapist in Baltimore Today

Exercise is so good for the mind and body, creating a wholeness only physical movement can create. If you are planning to head to the gym in the coming week, schedule a chiropractic appointment first to ensure your body is in the best shape to benefit the most. Contact an occupational therapist in Baltimore from Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab today to learn more or to schedule your appointment.