Physical Therapy Treatment Baltimore, MD

Physical Therapy Treatment Baltimore, MDPhysical Therapy Treatment Baltimore, MD


Can a physical therapist help with shifted hips?


A growing number of people in the United States suffer from chronic back and hip pain, physical therapy treatment Baltimore, MD clients recommend is a great option. Shifted hips can occur for a number of reasons, including sedentary lifestyles, overuse in sports or labor, osteoporosis, arthritis, pinched nerves, and so forth. When a person has been told about their hip issue, they might also be told that surgery is their only option. In some cases this might be true. However, many patients will benefit from a more conservative, non-invasive approach, such as physical therapy Baltimore, MD patients trust. At Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab, our chiropractors and physical therapists have the necessary knowledge and experience to treat back, hip, and pelvic pain through non-invasive adjustments, electrical stimulation, and massage. 


When it comes to receiving physical therapy treatment in Baltimore, MD for hip issues, including misalignment and pain, precision and varied techniques must be utilized. The hips and surrounding area is complex and consists of small joints, nerves, and other fragile components of the body. It is important to choose a qualified physical therapist such as Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab Center to ensure the techniques are performed properly. By doing so, the symptoms of pain and the need for surgery or pain medications may be reduced or alleviated. 

Understanding Shifted Hips


When the hips fall out of their alignment, a number of problems can result. This is because the hips support a large amount of weight and enable the body to move extensively. When the hips are out of balance, they, and other parts of the body (the lower back and legs), may be unable to move correctly. 


Shifted hips are known to cause ongoing pain in the lower back, hips, legs, knees, and feet. The gait and range of motion in all of these will also be affected. In addition to this, misalignment of the hips can also lead to the symptoms of sciatica – a condition involving the pinching or disruption of the sciatic nerve. 


People of all ages can experience misalignment in the hips; however, those who are over 55, have underlying joint or bone conditions, or who engage in certain activities like yoga are at the greatest risk for having hip problems. It should be understood that the hips are not the only part of the body that contributes to hip misalignment. Rather, the hips, pelvis, muscles, and ligaments in the area can contribute to the problem. 


A Physical Therapist for Hip Misalignment


Ongoing hip pain or discomfort is commonly met with the recommendation for invasive treatment like hip surgery. This procedure is costly, very invasive, painful, and can take months to recover from. For older people, or those who have a compromised immune system, recovery might be especially difficult. Before the decision to have surgery is made, it is important to consider alternative, non-invasive options such as chiropractic care or physical therapy treatment in Baltimore, MD.


Physical therapy for misaligned hips is a great first option. It  is non-invasive, gradual, and conservative. The treatment also involves little to no recovery time and much more affordable than surgery. 


At [clinic] we emphasize the importance of rebalancing the body through careful and precise manual manipulation, as well as mobilization therapy. This type of chiropractic treatment or physical therapy treatment in Baltimore, MD can lead to the correct positioning of the hips, as well as better flexibility, strength, and movement.. Depending on your needs, you may receive chiropractic adjustment to the hip and spin, as well as gentle massage to loosen up tight muscles. Once the hips are realigned, and able to move as intended, the pain may resolve itself. 


It is important to understand that working on misaligned hips is not always as simple as working on parts of the spine. Around the hips are many different tissues structures, ligaments, and joints that have to be considered by the chiropractor or physical therapist. This means that the procedures may be more complex and require more sessions than other back problems. 


In addition to having chiropractic adjustments, a chiropractor or physical therapist might recommend you to engage in stretching, exercises, and postures. Through the utilization of chiropractic techniques to realign the hips, spine, and other areas, the body may be able to move more freely and without pain. 


For physical therapy treatment Baltimore, MD area clients recommend, call Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab Center.