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Auto Accident Whiplash Chiropractor Baltimore City, MD

Auto Accident Whiplash Chiropractor Baltimore City, MD
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Auto Accident Whiplash Chiropractor Baltimore City, MD

Managing Neck Pain with Chiropractic Treatment


Chronic neck pain affects over 10 million Americans. For many, the pain is so debilitating that it can render men and women disabled or unable to perform their daily activities. As a leading auto accident whiplash chiropractor in Baltimore City, MD, we have successfully treated people of all ages with chronic and acute neck pain. If you find yourself in pain, or are suffering from stiffness, tightness, or tingling in the neck, please call Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab today. 


 How Neck Pain Can Occur


The neck is a bridge between the head and torso. It is responsible for allowing the head to move and comprises of seven vertebrae. These vertebrae are supported by ligaments, muscles, and tissue. When they are irritated, or otherwise inflamed, you may experience some level of neck pain. 


A majority of neck pain is minor and can be relieved with OTC medications, heat, rest, and time. However, for some people, the pain will be severe. Walking, looking left, right, up or down, or even standing may be difficult. It should be noted that some neck pain is a symptom of another, often more serious, illness. If you are experiencing other symptoms, such as dizziness, a chronic headache, nausea, fever, or trouble breathing, you should seek medical assistance right away. 


Neck Pain and It’s Symptoms


If you feel any of the following, you should consider speaking with a auto accident whiplash chiropractor in Baltimore City, MD to learn more about how chiropractic treatment can help.


Stiffness in the neck

Aches and pain

Limited range of motion

A stabbing pain

Pain shooting from the neck elsewhere


Most adults will have felt some degree of neck pain. However, when it does not go away, let a auto accident whiplash chiropractor in Baltimore City, MD assess your symptoms, neck, and spine. If you are a candidate for chiropractic treatment, an adjustment can be made to alleviate some or all of the symptoms. 


Most Common Reasons to Experience Neck Pain


Neck pain can be the result of a broad number of reasons; however, it often stems from:


Poor posture

A car accident

Sports playing

Sleeping in poor positions or on an unsupported mattress

Slip and falling


Working at a desk

Long periods of sitting


Heavy lifting

Weight falling onto the head


Although rare, it is possible for neck pain to be related to an infection, cancer, tumor growth, or other medical condition. It cannot be stressed enough that if you have any vision problems, vomiting, fever, or other symptoms, please see a doctor.


How a Chiropractor for Neck Pain Can Help You


Chiropractic care is able to assist you in managing your symptoms, reducing inflammation, and relieving you of some or all of your pain. By seeing a auto accident whiplash chiropractor in Baltimore City, MD for neck pain, you can benefit from it being:


A safe method of treatment

A non-invasive treatment for neck pain

Medication free



Nowadays, most insurance plans cover a portion of chiropractic treatment, if not all of it. If your insurance does not, you are encouraged to speak to our clinic about our affordable pricing and payment structure. To schedule an appointment with a auto accident whiplash chiropractor in Baltimore City, MD, and to feel pain relief, give us a call today.