Physical Therapy Exercises Baltimore, MD

Physical Therapy Exercises Baltimore, MD Physical Therapy Exercises Baltimore, MD

If your doctor has referred you to, or recommended, physical therapy following surgery, illness, or injury, you might have questions about the therapy itself, as well as physical therapy exercises in Baltimore, MD. Many people choose to see a physical therapist when their normal functioning has been physically hindered, or they are experiencing some degree of pain. A therapist may review your situation and prescribe physical therapy Baltimore, Maryland chiropractic doctors recommend, so that you can start moving and feeling better. 


Improve Your Mobility in Baltimore, Maryland with Physical Therapy Exercises


Therapeutic exercises should be one of the core treatments your physical therapist recommends. You could be in a hospital setting, at a nursing home, or at an outpatient physical therapy or orthopedic clinic. A physical therapist has been trained to help people move better. When your physical therapy exercises in Baltimore, MD are prescribed to you, they should be seen as strategies that will assist your body in changing and growing in a positive way. The exercises recommended to you are specifically designed to your condition and will be an integral part of your entire rehabilitation program. 


Is Exercise the Only Treatment?


Depending on your condition, exercise may or may not be the only method of treatment. Sometimes patients will be recommended techniques like joint mobilization, modalities like electrical stimulation, hydrotherapy, and massage. Bear in mind, when it comes to physical therapy and rehabilitation, there should be actual physical exercises included, and not only passive treatments. 


Types of Physical Therapy Exercises in Baltimore, MD


There are several different exercises that you may undergo in physical therapy in Baltimore, MD. These include:


  • Strengthening exercises
  • Exercises to improve your range of motion
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Balance exercises
  • Coordination exercises
  • Functional mobility exercises
  • Exercises for vertigo and dizziness


Tools may be incorporated into your Baltimore, Maryland physical therapy exercises including:


  • Resistance bands
  • Therapy balls
  • Free weights
  • Foam rollers
  • Bicycles
  • Treadmills
  • Wobble boards
  • Straps
  • + More


The kind of equipment that may be used will depend on the exercises you will do in that session, as well as the goal of the session. These exercises can be done at the physical therapy clinic, and also in a hospital bed or in a chair. Your physical therapist might provide you with exercises that you can do at home; thereby, giving you better control over your injury or illness. 


Get Started with Physical Therapy in Baltimore


If you have been injured or have an illness that is hindering your physical ability to move, or is causing you pain, talk with your doctor about it and ask about a referral to a physical therapy. By choosing physical therapy first, you could avoid invasive treatments like surgery and prevent having to take strong painkillers that are addicting. Physical therapy exercises in Baltimore, MD are a safe and value packed treatment for a broad range of conditions. Some insurance companies or states will allow patients to see a physical therapist without a referral first, so be sure to confirm this beforehand. To schedule a consultation for physical therapy exercises in Baltimore, MD, call Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic.