Whiplash Treatment Bowie, MD

Whiplash Treatment Bowie, MD

Whiplash Treatment Bowie, MDThe whiplash treatment Bowie, MD relies on from Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic can help you if you are suffering from pain after being in an accident that caused you to get whiplash. Not every case of whiplash will be the same, and someone who was in a similar accident to you and is suffering from whiplash may have very different symptoms than you do. This is why it is so important to speak with a chiropractor from our team so that we can get you the individualized care and treatment you need after suffering from this type of injury. We know that you have a great deal on your plate right now. To see what kind of treatment options we offer, please give our office a call now. 


How will a chiropractor go about treating my whiplash? 

When you are dealing with whiplash, you may think that the best treatment you can get is obtaining prescription pain medication from a medical professional. However, that is only going to deal with the symptoms of your injury instead of trying to fix the root cause. When you come to our office for Bowie, Maryland whiplash treatment, you will get a chiropractor who will use different treatments to help with your injury. 


Can muscle relaxation help with my whiplash? 

Muscle relaxation is one technique that your chiropractor may use when treating your whiplash. They may employ physical therapy and stretching techniques to help release the tension in your muscles surrounding your neck. Depending on the severity of your muscle tightness, your chiropractor may use a more extreme type of stretching or exercise.


Using Chiropractic Manipulation For Whiplash

Muscle relaxation is not the only technique your chiropractor may use to help with your whiplash. When your chiropractor uses this technique you can expect them to use short, intentional thrusts along your spine to help stabilize and move your joints back to where they need to be. You may see improvement fairly quickly after this technique but don’t be surprised if you experience some soreness. This is completely normal. 


Will my chiropractor have a record of my injury and treatment? 

Many people who come to us are also interested in filing personal injury claims after their accident. You can speak with us about getting your medical records and treatment plans which could be beneficial to your case. Want to learn more about chiropractic treatment after you have suffered from a whiplash injury? Contact Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic to learn more about our Bowie, MD whiplash treatment now.