Chiropractor Annapolis, MD 

Chiropractor in Annapolis, MD 

chiropractor Annapolis, MD Whether it’s a slight ache in your back or neck, chronic pain, a medical condition, or you’re suffering from a recent injury, you should consider contacting a chiropractor in Annapolis, MD. There an expert chiropractor will be able to help alleviate any back pains you may have and allow you to live a much more fulfilling life. However, you might have a lot of questions and might not even have considered chiropractic care before. Luckily, our team at Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic can answer any questions you may have! 

Who is Chiropractic Care For?

The truth is that just about anyone can benefit from seeking chiropractic care. Whether you have a serious injury or just want to incorporate the occasional session into your lifestyle, chiropractic care has plenty of benefits. In addition to helping with pain other benefits may include:

  • Lowering blood pressure and increasing circulation. 
  • Improving flexibility and balance. 
  • Combating asthma and improving overall breathing. 
  • Easing muscle stiffness and soreness. 

How Long Will Treatment Last?

Every patient is different and so treatment may depend upon your condition as well as how you respond. For example, a patient that just has some slight backache may find that one or two sessions do the trick while a patient with a severe injury may need weekly sessions spread out over a few months. Upon the completion of your first session, your chiropractor will have a treatment plan prescribed which usually includes an estimated number of sessions. Of course, this number isn’t set in stone and may increase or decrease. 

Will My Chiropractor Prescribe Other Treatments?

When working with a chiropractor in Annapolis, MD you might wonder if there are other treatments that can supplement your sessions. As a whole, this may vary, but a chiropractor may recommend other treatments such as take-home exercises as well as adopting a healthier diet. Finding ways to supplement your treatment can be very crucial and many patients find success with other avenues such as:

  • Relieving stress. While we tend to think of back pain as only the result of a work-related injury or getting older, back pain can often be the result of stress. To alleviate stress, you can practice meditation, yoga, and deep-breathing exercises, pursue or adopt a hobby, work on your personal relationships, attend therapy, etc. 
  • Practice good posture. Today, more and more jobs are adopting an office setting and while a swivel office chair may not seem as dangerous as a forklift or traversing a construction beam, it’s easy to start to slouch especially after a long workday. Having improper posture can be a huge detriment to your health. Instead, you will want to ensure that you sit up straight. 
  • Get plenty of rest. For just about any health condition, a healthy diet paired with a healthy, consistent sleeping schedule appears to work wonders! Make sure you’re not only getting your recommended number of hours of sleep but that you’re also going to bed every night around the same time. 

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